Warning: This is a hair post. All about hair. Yes, mine.

I have a strange fascination watching my hair grow – or perhaps it’s wonder – and as a result I end up taking lots of pictures. However, in the interest of keeping this journal readable, I will keep the number of pictures to just a few.

June 2, 2007

May 31, 2008

Doesn’t that look almost the same length as December 16, 2006?

I just find it sort of amazing that my hair could grow so long so quickly. It takes a lot of people a lot longer to grow out hair this much. I know that being able to grow out my hair so quickly is a blessing and I intend to keep reminding myself of this when the time comes again to cut it short for Locks of Love.

One of the reasons it grows out so quickly is Reliv. It’s been amazing for my health, but some of the “side effects” include healthier hair and nails, plus they grow quicker. I’m definitely seeing the effects of that!