It’s that time again! Time to look upon my garden and consider how good the Lord has been to us in providing so much food from the earth. There will be plenty of pictures, so if you’re on a slow connection you might consider making yourself some dinner while this page loads. After dinner you can come back and snuggle in front of the computer screen with a cup of tea and hopefully by then the page will have loaded. :P

So first on the list are our strawberries. We have these in the little hill that surrounds our deck. They are growing everywhere and they’re growing quickly, too! Thanks to the rain these past few days they are growing big and juicy.


Our fig trees are getting leafier and leafier. Hopefully they’ll start growing vertically soon, too.

We have a mystery garden bed. The hubby created this garden bed by layering all kinds of material (which is why it’s called a lasagna bed) but in the process he included some of our compost which hadn’t quite fully composted yet. So we got a bunch of seeds of something in there that are now sprouting up. We decided to let them grow and see what comes up. It’ll be a surprise. :) We know for a fact, though, that we have zucchinis in there because we planted four starts near the fig tree, so at least we know that much. The second picture is of a smaller garden bed that the hubby also started in this way. It’s also a mystery bed.

We have some raised beds that have treated wood so in these we haven’t planted any food, just allowed whatever was already there to remain. It appears there were lots of flowers there so I like that. I have been pleasantly surprised a few times by that bed already. Here are a few of the pleasant surprises:

And oh, our roses there are so pretty, too!

Yet another hubby-built raised bed with strange starts growing in it, plus some eggplant starts and another veggie back there that I don’t really remember.

This one is mixed. It has cauliflower and broccoli, but it seems one has gone to see and the others are headed there. Oh well. At least next year we’ll have plenty of those starts growing.

I had planted two basil starts on the other side of these guys but it died. I guess it was in pretty poor soil, not to mention that it’s been unseasonably cold these past few days. Oh well.

Remember my pea starts? Well, they’re doing quite well and one of them has even got two pods now. I can’t wait until they’re big enough to pick.

Roma tomatoes. These are two plants actually, which I put into one pot when they were still small. I thought one would die because it was looking kind of, well purple, but they are both thriving now and although they are kind of small still, I have seen their little flowers growing. I’ve been removing them though, because I’d like them to grow a little bigger before giving fruit. They’re still so young. We also have little tomatoes growing in this garden bed, which is where tomatoes had grown last season. I believe these are cherry. Next to these I have planted some melons which I thought I would replant once they looked healthy enough to move but now I don’t know where to put them since all our beds are almost completely full!

Ah, we’ve come to my favorite part. The lettuce. We have a whole garden bed dedicated to lettuce, and part of another. We have three or four different varieties growing here and have already harvested some and given some away. It’s so great being able to share from one’s own garden. We also have some green onions and garlic growing in the bed in the second picture. We continuously harvest the green onions since they pretty much grow year-round here. I love that!

Our mint and oregano. My, oh my! It’s getting too big and bushy. Any ideas on what to make with mint? Or oregano? I’d love to use more of it in my cooking. The plant in the front of picture is oregano, the stuff in the middle is mint, and the really tall lanky things in the back are jerusalem artichokes. Apparently those take over too. Why do I put so many invasive species in one bed? Maybe they’ll keep each other in check!

Right next to that one, we have beets, cilantro and some kind of squash growing. On the other side of that cilantro “wall” though, we have more plants. Yes, I know the cilantro is going to seed but maybe that’s a good thing. I’ll have tons of it next year and maybe I’ll learn to harvest the seed before it falls.

I don’t remember what this is, but it’s what’s on the other side of the cilantro.

And last of the garden beds, the fava beans. They are getting so darn big that I’m almost scared at how many favas we’ll have once it’s harvest time.


And finally, our apple tree. It’s doing so well that I’m just giddy thinking about all the apples we’ll get from this tree!

So, we will have plenty to barter with and share this summer/fall as well as use ourselves. I’m so excited about it all!