The hubby and I went out to celebrate a couple things. First, I got a $50 (in chamber dollars) bonus from work for riding my bike to work this month. It’s been an effort to do it since it’s 8 miles round-trip, but I did it! The hubby has been trying to get me to bike commute since we moved out here and it finally feels like I can do it.

So that’s exciting. :)

Also, Dan got a great compliment at work today about his radio spots, and they picked a few to submit for awards.

So we took my $50 and went out to eat a celebratory meal at a local restaurant called Fireworks; we went on bike, of course! That’s one of the good things about this restaurant because it’s so close to us and we can bike there.

So sometime during our meal we took a few pictures.


Looking at our pictures, we decided our faces were looking too chubby. Here’s one of our attempt at looking thinner:

We’re silly.

PS: after looking at these pictures I decided my eyebrows needed some help. They now look much nicer. :P