A tutorial of one of my favorite recipes for a cold day. Yes, it’s been cold (quite a few cold ones, actually) here even though we are almost in the middle of June.

First we start by making plans to visit your friend in the north end of town. Plan it ahead of time so that there will be plenty of time to procrastinate; it’s your gift. An hour before meeting your friend remember that dinner must be made and begin to bring all ingredients out from pantry & fridge. Take your time by getting camera out for taking tutorial pictures as you go along. Good. Now you’re ready to start.

Take the black beans and drain them and put them in a baking dish with some corn kernels. Take a picture.

Then we must add the soy burger crumbles to our dish and take a picture.

Add tomato sauce & seasonings. If possible, make it look a little artsy for the camera. Take a few shots of your dish in different angles.

Add the cornbread layer and take another few pictures. Pop into the preheated oven for a few minutes.

Next we look at the clock and decide that the hour has gone by way too fast and remind yourself that the older you get the faster time flies. You should be walking out the door by now instead of watching the oven. A few mintues before it’s done turn the oven off and peek inside. It should still be a little gooey-looking in the middle. Close oven door and hope there’s enough heat to cook through.

Go hang out at your friend’s house and when your husband gets home ask him to check inside the oven, to make sure the casserole has cooked through. He assures you it has. You ask him to check the center. He says it’s fine.

“You poked it to make sure?”
“Yes. It tastes fine.”
“Wait, what do you mean it tastes fine? Did you poke it with a fork?”
“No, what do you mean? I just poked a hole into the center like you told me.”

Wondering what on earth that means you head home to find:

He had indeed poked a hole in the casserole to check for doneness. You giggle at his method and wonder what he would have done had it not been fully cooked. Then you thank God for a funny husband, who is just as literal as you.

But, in the end, it turns out great – as this recipe always does.

Black bean chili cornbread casserole.