For some reason, it has been usually cold these past few days weeks. Today it seems the weather is turning, finally, as temps should rise to mid 70s. But you know what? I enjoyed most of those cold days because it gave me an opportunity to cook some of the warm, comfort meals that just make you feel all cozy inside and send the warmth straight through to your toes.

Normally during cold weather I like to make “Cream Of” soups along with brothy and chowder types, like my Quinoa Corn Chowder recipe. I got a new recipe, though, for Mushroom Barley soup a while back and this cold spell was a good opportunity to try it out. I didn’t have any special mushrooms aside from the regular button ones and I didn’t have barley so I used rice, but it was still a really good, flavorful vegetarian soup and you can bet your pants I’m making it again.