With more of my friends getting pregnant by the second (it seems) I am back to my sewing machine. My latest is yet another baby carrier, a la Moby Wrap. I had printed some general instructions on how to make one from some website a while back but had never really had the guts to do it since it requires 5 yards of fabric. That’s a lot to screw up! But I finally gave in and decided to try it. I bought some yellow stretchy fabric and a nice trim and went to work cutting 5 yards lengthwise and shaping it into a form that would be easy to wrap around. Finding the right shape wasn’t that easy, but I finally got a workable one and although I’ve never actually seen a moby wrap, I’m sure they are pretty similar. I cut and folded some bias tape to put around the perimeter of the baby carrier for some added color and a panel that works like a pocket in the main front panel of the carrier.

I put it on a few times to make sure everything was the correct width and length, adjusting it each time. Turtle helped by posing as a baby. I have the suspicion that she actually enjoys being in there as she doesn’t stir much or try to get out when I put her in!

PS: The carrier will be thoroughly washed before being gifted to its future owner, to be sure all animal hair and dander is gone.

I have enough material to make another one. I’m not sure whether or not I want to add the bias tape again if I do make another though. Or, if I do, it might be a lot thinner around so that it’s just an accent. I don’t know. I really think there’s just too much going on though. Simpler is better, right?

One of the girls from the Young Marrieds at NW Hills has asked me to make one for one of her friends. Once I start working on it I’ll have pictures to put up, too.