Our chicks finally arrived on Wednesday and they are the cutest things ever! We got four Buff Orpingtons and two Black Jersey Giants (although originally we wanted to get one Red Delaware along with one Black Jersey Giant, but they only had another kind called speckled). They are fluffy and chirpy and tend to fall asleep every five minutes (wherever they are!).

The dog and cat have met them and both look like they’d like to take a bite. We’re gonna have to be very vigilant around those two. The chicks are living in a box in the garage right now and only get visited by the dog and cat a couple times a day or so, but once they move out to their coop full-time the dog and cat will need to be supervised and trained, until they can behave around the chicks. By then, too, the chicks will be big enough to defend themselves by pecking and what-not.

A couple of guys from the tribe I belong to (from Dox) are coming by on Saturday morning to take a look at the coop and help us fix it up and build a run. I really hope it’s easier and quicker than it seems! I am looking forward to learning how to fix it up, though. :)


First: One of the Black Jersey Giant chicks, eyeing the camera.
Second: Is it nap time yet?
Third: Buff chick taking a rest under the warm light.
Fourth: Got a cramp? Just extend your leg as far back as you can. It feels so good!