One of the things about having one’s own vegetable garden is that when the harvest is in, you want to make sure and use all of it. Not having had a garden this big before, I’m having a difficult time coming up with enough recipes to use everything I have. My cilantro went to seed before I could harvest all of it. I did use a good amount of it though, and I made some Seco . It’s a Peruvian dish with a cilantro base, potatoes and peas. It’s delicious, btw. Had I waited a little longer to make this dish I would have used the peas from our garden instead of the frozen ones I buy at the grocery store. Well I guess now I can make homemade frozen peas. There’s always a positive side to everything, right?

I’ll tell ya, taking homemaking and simple living seriously sure makes a girl more organized. You have to plan ahead in order to get things to run smoothly, instead of coming up with things spur of the moment. Falling into a rhythm sure is more comfortable than trying to figure out what to make for dinner last minute, how to use 3 lbs of peas, 8 lbs of favas ASAP and starting a recipe only to realize half-way through it that you’re all out of eggs, or you only have 3 when you need 6 (that’s happened to me before!). So in an effort to get more organized, I’ve started (again!) menu planning and hoarding stock piling food. I haven’t been faithful to menu planning, but I’m trying, really I am.

You know what really helps? An apron. I’m not even kidding. It’s totally true:. when you put on an apron it’s almost like your instinct kicks in and you know exactly what to do, when, where and how. To those who claim they are not domestic I say, put on an apron and just wait and see!