I’m so tired this morning. Yesterday, after getting home from work, the hubby and I packed up all the recyclables, the shopping totes, reusable containers and shopping list and took up most of the evening grocery shopping.

After stopping by our organic co-op for some bulk items and to drop off some recyclable bottles, hard plastics and soft plastic, we went to Grocery Outlet, which has to be one of my favorite discount grocery stores. I don’t recommend getting any “fresh” food there, and you should always, always check expiration dates, but I’ll tell you, there are are some great deals to be found in the canned and dry food sections and the wine! I get most of my wine there and these are some great labels that for some reason or another became overstock and are now selling for $2.99-$5.99. Yeah.

Last night was probably the most we’d ever spent at Grocery Outlet, but they’re so funny because when the give you the receipt, it tells you how much you’ve saved by shopping there as opposed to elsewhere (I’m still not sure how they come up with this) and according to our receipt we saved around 80% on our final grocery bill. That always makes me giggle. Like the one time I spent $20 there and my receipt said I saved $38.

After that we went to another grocery store and bought more items there and by the time we were done with everything it was after 9:30 p.m. I was really proud that we didn’t have to use any grocery store bags at all but that all of the ones we brought from home were enough to hold everything we bought. We even had a couple left over.

The hubby was cranky so I let him go watch TV so I could put everything away. As I was putting things away I realized that the fridge had not been cleaned in a while (I’m embarrased to admit this) so I started cleaning it as I put things away. Once I finally finished the fridge the kitchen was still a mess, so I cleaned that and loaded the dishwasher. There was a bowl full of kale the hubby had picked the night before which I had to remove from the fridge in order to make room for everything else, so I got to work preparing the kale and while that was cooking I washed the bowls in which they had been stored. The kitchen finally looked clean. By the time the kale was finished cooking it was after midnight. The hubby had fallen asleep watching TV so I just left him there and went to bed knowing I’d fall asleep quicker this way.

True enough, I fell asleep almost as soon as my head touched the pillow, but around 4 a.m. I was awakened by him coming to bed. He’s a big guy, he makes big noises; I hadn’t thought about that part. It was after 6 a.m. by the time we fell back asleep but not even an hour later my alarm clock went off. I snoozed it until 7, but that was a bad idea because I woke up rushed knowing I was running late for work and as a result didn’t ride my bike in but drove the car, which was my second bad idea for the day because the hubby has a doctor appointment today (12 miles away) about his broken arm. I completely forgot about it. And we only have one car. Poor guy had to ride 4 miles to my building with his broken arm to pick up the car and leave me the bike. I feel terrible about it! He certainly wasn’t happy. And now I have to ride home on a recumbant bike, wearing a white skirt and 4-inch wedges. Great.

At least my kitchen’s clean.

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