It seems so strange getting up early and going to work again after the long weekend.

Sometimes I get mad about having to work full-time because I see it as a huge waste of time (aside from the money). I mean, there are so many fulfilling things to do at home, so much I could be doing in the garden, with the pets, etc, that spending 9+ hours away from home each day seems like a waste of time. It’s not the life I want to live. I’m such a homebody though; I could spend days at home and not get cabin fever (how could I with so much to do?!).

My place is in the home, making it a haven for my family and inviting to others. That is what I enjoy doing, even when I’ve been on my feet all day cooking and cleaning. It’s what brings me satisfaction. I long for the days when I will have little ones underfoot, teaching them to be godly and training them on being upstanding citizens of this world.

But it’s so easy to get caught up in daydreams, isn’t it? Now that’s a waste of time! What I really should be doing is living what I’ve been given today and enjoying it as part of the life that the Lord is pleased to have me lead in this stage in my life. I should look forward to the time when I’m at home, but not ignore the time I have now. I’m here for a reason and I should try to learn the lessons that this lifestyle brings. Afterall, not enjoying the present is a hard habit to break and one I don’t want to take part in.