I thought I’d share with you what my house looks like now that it’s almost as clean as it’s going to be for (at least) nine days in a row.

Here are some pictures of my progress, so beware this is a picture-heavy post!

Today I organized bedroom, cleaned bathroom, cleaned floors, vaccumed:


(disclaimer: we did not pick this color scheme, it’s how it was when we moved in!) Bathroom:

Floors (I’m only going to show the kitchen floor. You’ve already seen the bathroom floor):

Freshly cleaned floors are so shiny and make the whole area look and smell fresh! We have an almond-scented cleaner that I just L. O. V. E.

And here’s the living room, which I’ve rearranged:

Obviously I still have those pesky boxes to put away, and that other big box by the window holds all our records temporarily.

Adita, here’s a picture of my new piano:

I feel like I’ve gotten a lot done already. Now all I have to tackle next are a few small things. One thing I’m not really looking forward to cleaning is the office. It’s SUCH a mess!