The hubby is gone for ten days. Ten Days!! That means I get a chance to live in a really clean house for ten whole days! I’ve got my whole list of things I want to accomplish while he’s gone. I wrote it all yesterday evening in my household planner. I don’t remember all of them right now, but it looks something like this:

    Things To Do While Hubby Is Gone

  1. Clean kitchen
  2. Organize cupboards
  3. Clean fridge
  4. rearrange living room
  5. Clean all floors
  6. Clean bathroom
  7. Organize office
  8. Polish furniture
  9. Organize bedroom
  10. Make girly dinners
  11. Watch lots of chick-flicks
  12. Make herb-y iced tea
  13. Make girly desserts (didn’t do that but I did eat my share of chocolate)
  14. Clean carpets, maybe shampoo? (might be taking this too far…)

And get this – last night I cleaned up the kitchen before going to bed and guess what? This morning it was still clean!!! And last night I slept in a bed that was still made up and this morning it still looked tidy (I’m not a tosser & turner)! I’ll be much more excited once everything is really clean and tidy. I still have laundry sitting on my couch (how appropriate) and some boxes for the garage near the front door, plus some dirty floors.

The bad thing is that I miss my hubby, sloppy though he may be, although it *is* nice not finding dirty socks in the middle of nowhere (why is it that guys do that anyway?). Oh, and now I’m the one who has to lock up at night. It’s kind of stressful making sure everything is locked for the night. I’m never the one who has to worry about that because he does it, but now I get up at least twice to make sure everything is locked. Ick!

Nine more days though. And I’ll savor every moment.