The business of being a housewife can be looked at in two ways.  It can be viewed as a serires of chores… [or] it can be thought of as a vocation of the highest significance- the vocation of homemaker.  Lived in these terms, it becomes a calling devoted to the very fabric of the life itself.  Health and happiness, faith and the molding of character, love, religion, parenthood, birth, marriage, bereavement, consolation- for these essentials of life the family is home base, and in all these, the homemaker has a key role to play.   -S. Gershon Levi in Guide for the Jewish Homemaker.

I picked up a couple of used books yesterday.  One is the above quoted Guide for the Jewish Homemaker by Shonie B. Levi and Sylvia R. Kaplan, and the other is The Jewish Family Book by Sharon Strassfeld and Kathy Green.  I haven’t read more than a couple pages of each book, but they both look promising. 

I added a new link to my sidebar, under the heading Bits of Loveliness.  It’s a post by Rhonda from Down—to—Earth about the modern-day housewife.  Read it and love it.  I did.

On another note, our visit with my MIL was nice.  She and hubby went to central Oregon for two days and had a fabulous time.  There were some rough spots, but less than last year and even less than the year before. 

I still haven’t uploaded the few pictures I took, but probably sometime next week I’ll find some time.  I am not often on the computer when I’m at home, since there are so many other things which call my attention while there, but where pictures are concerned I always make an effort.

As always, I’m excited for the Sabbath to begin tonight.  Shabbat Shalom!