As I was walking down the street on my way to work, I noticed that the cherry blossom trees were already blooming.  A whole row of pink trees lined one side of the street, dotted by one white tree in almost full-bloom.   Not having taken the bus the last week, I’d missed my walk down that street and not seen the progression of the trees blooming.  The last time I walked down there, the trees had only buds; the promise of spring.  What a lovely surprise it was to see beautiful blossoms on my way to work.

Trees in bloom

Spring is finally here! 

Plans for our garden are well under-way at home.  Hubby was smart enough to plant seedlings a few weeks ago and put them in our new green house (we bought an inexpensive one that looked quite useful the other day) but just a couple days after going in the green house we had some rough winds batter the greenhouse and tip it over, sending our seedlings crashing to the concrete below.  Not wanting them to go to waste not knowing what was growing (since all the labels went flying off) we salvaged what we could and planted into the ground the ones that looked similar.  Perhaps in a few weeks we’ll have lettuce and melons growing next to each other, but for now it seemed the only way to rescue the precious seedlings.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

More seeds will be potted and placed back into a (secured) greenhouse soon and hopefully we’ll be able to sell these when they grow into mature seedlings.  I only hope we have enough seeds for a second planting. 

Our garden beds have felt the stress of a few growing seasons with us (and probably also with whoever had the house before us) and it’s starting to show.  There are a couple boards that are starting to come apart or bow out, so after this season is done, I will put some time and effort into either rebuilding or strengthening our beds.  I might even make them higher off the ground for better drainage.   Well, I might do it sooner than later, but my only problem is finding time.  Although I suppose it’ll be the same problem in six months and I should just find the time and get this new task off my list before all the plants are in.  Right?  The specific bed in mind has mint growing in it and oregano currently.  By fall it’ll be full of new shoots and sprouting flowers on top, right?  I should just do it now, huh?  What would you do?  Well, when you put it like that I suppose I have no other choice.  It’s the only smart decision.  

Our mint/oregano/jerusalem artichoke bed last year.

Our mint/oregano/jerusalem artichoke bed last year.

Did you know fruit trees need to be pruned?  I pruned my apple tree in February, as per the recommendations of the Internet, but when I was out there pruning I was by myself and not being brave enough to prune the top of the tree on my own on the tip top of a ladder, I left that for a “later time”.  Unfortunately, we are half-way through March here and I have yet to prune the top of my apple tree.  I wonder if it’s too late or if I should do it before it gets any later. 

Blueberry bushes also need to be pruned, you know.  Ours don’t need it because they are so little still, and actually only one survived after a year’s time, but it’s a sturdy little bush and it was the one that gave us most of the blueberries last year so I’m quite happy with it.  We bought three or four more of different varieties so that our one bush would be polinated well and bear us much fruit.  Of course, we wanted the other four as well.  I hope our little bushes will stay alive this time around. 

No sign of our peas yet, but the green onions seem to be thriving.

I just love this time of year.