One of our chickens recently got really ambitious:

Big Egg
Big Egg

She decided to be really productive and fertile; she laid an egg with a double yolk. 

Can we say, “ouch”?

In other farm news: our new chicks will be arriving on Wednesday.  We are so happy to be getting more chickens for our homestead!  Not to mention they’re tons of fun when they’re little and squeaky.   :)

Yesterday I was working on our vegetable garden, tilling the soil and preparing it for planting and I must have been there about six hours moving our clay dirt around, trying to make it richer and hauling heavy loads of dirt from one bed to another.  I was working pretty hard, and by evening I was really feeling it.  In fact my arms and legs are all really sore, but I especially have a really intense pain in my right arm.  I guess I must’ve been shoveling with that one!  So today at work not only am I snotty and sniffley from the flu I had last week, but I also smell like IcyHot.

I iz veri profeshional.

PS: does anyone want my yeast?  (I mean, baking yeast of course.)  No?  Great.  That means I’m gonna have to bake about 25 loaves of bread before the 8th and either eat them all (don’t underestimate me!) or give them away.