Despite the ups and downs I’ve had lately, I’m actually doing really well.  Yes, if you haven’t figured it out yet, we are pregnant.  I am currently 7.5 weeks along, right in the throes of morning sickness.  But it’s really okay!  We were going to wait until the first trimester before saying anything, but my dh is so excited it’s leaked out a few times to some of his friends already and I just couldn’t let all my friends be in the dark about it, you know?  So here we are.

I hadn’t shared the rest of the Sea Lion Caves pictures yet, so here they are:

This is the beautiful view walking towards the caves.  You had to walk this length and get to that little red-roofed shelter area, where there was an elevator that would take you 300ft. down to the caves!

Sea Lions in their cave

The sea lions were sitting on that stone in the middle, but also on the rocks surrounding it.  There are a lot in the foreground of the picture, but it was too dark to be able to shoot them adequately.  See the light peeking out of the little hole in the background?  The whole length there is cave, with the light being the other side!

This is the skeleton of a female sea lion.  Can you believe how big it is?   Here are the details:

There was also a lot of footage of sea lions in their native environments, discovery channel style, and pictures and facts of this cave.  There is a rock that loos like abe lincoln’s profile, and part of the rock walls had “images” of a native american man and woman, and an angel or something like that.  I couldn’t really see them, but I did see Abe’s profile on the rock – sort of. 

Here’s another shot of the sea lions:

There were so many!  And can you imagine all these sea lions roaring loudly and the sound bouncing off the cave walls?  It was simply amazing. 

We were both definitely glad to have made the stop there.  Once dh finishes his track with the roaring of the sea lions, I’ll see if I can somehow add the mp3 onto one of my posts.  Then you’d really get the feel of being in those caves!