Do you remember our beautiful backyard?


All pretty with flowers and garden beds and green grass?  Well this year we decided to see what happens if we let the grass grow.  We had no idea it would grow this fast.

It is almost up to my waist in height and I’m starting to get a little panicky.  I thought it would stay fairly short, maybe mid-leg.  You know, a little wild looking, but not too wild.  Well.  I was wrong. 

Now I don’t know how to get it short again.  A weed whacker?  Controlled burning?  (Just kidding, I would never do that in my own backyard – maybe.)  I mean, this would kill our poor little mower.  I seriously underestimated the power of Oregon’s spring weather for growing things.

On the bright side, the Oregon spring weather has really done wonders for our favas.  They are growing strong and really tall, and will soon have seed pods to feed us all summer and into the rest of the year.

Our lettuce is growing really well, too, only it’s really getting to be the time to thin them out.  They won’t be growing very big unless we do something PRONTO. 

Gotta love how nature won’t wait for your morning sickness to pass so you have the energy to go out there and thin the beds. 

And kill the weeds sprouting around the beds.  We have lots of those.  I searched throughout my garden yesterday, and even my front yard but I didn’t find any plantago.  I thought it was supposed to grow everywhere.  I did, however, find plenty of dandelions.  Perhaps tonight I will “harvest” some young ones for a nice salad.  Did you know how good dandelions are for you?  More beta carotene than a carrot and richer in iron and calcium than spinach! 

How great is our G-d who so freely (and plentifully) provides such nutritious food for us every year!  It will also be great to not see them anymore.  They’ve invaded our backyard.  I’d rather eat them than see them, actually. 

We also have a number of other, as of yet unidentified, weeds growing plentifully in our backyard. 

I wonder if any of these are good for human use.  Any thoughts?

And just because it’s cute, here’s the latest picture of our big layers:


I just love our Black Jerseys.  They’re beautiful, friendly and lay gorgeous brown speckled eggs.  They also keep their grass “mowed”.

Just a few more pictures.  Remember our little chickies?

Yeah, they’ve grown a bit.

This is the same enclosure as in the picture above.  They’re big enough to move to the big chicken coop now.  I only wonder how they’ll continue eating their starter feed instead of the layer feed.  I guess we’ll figure it out.

Turtle got paid a little visit by one of our buffs while she was sitting in the dog’s chair.

She was a little alarmed.  She wasn’t sure what to make of the whole ordeal.  Those chickens sure are bigger than they look!

This particular chicken was getting broody on a golf ball (in one of the nest boxes in their coop to encourage them to lay in that particular one) so dh brought her in for a bit to get her to change her mind about the golf ball.  Poor chicken!  I’d love to let her play mommy and give her some real eggs to hatch.  Maybe another year.