Baby's size at approximately 9 weeks

Baby's size at approximately 9 weeks

 Being pregnant is so strange, isn’t it?  I’m still pretty tired most days, nauseated to some degree most of the time, and get a little dizzy from time to time.  I am having to wear my pants unbuttoned and partially unzipped now, and can’t seem to tuck in my belly anymore.  Some girls at this stage (9 weeks) are a lot smaller than I seem to be, but I guess every pregnancy is different so I shouldn’t really compare.  It’s just, well, I look pregnant!  I feel pregnant, too.  That’s a good thing though.  It helps me to remember that growing a baby is hard work, even when it doesn’t look like much is going on, and that I am, in fact, still pregnant!

I look at other pregnant girls and it seems like their pregnancies are progressing a lot faster than mine.  It seems like only yesterday so-and-so was at 6 weeks, and she’s now at 15.  So why am I only at 9?  I guess at the time I wasn’t even pregnant, but it just feels like time goes by so slowly!  Does it always feel like that when you’re expecting your first?  I think about December and how far away it seems before I’ll be holding my firstborn.   It’s such a long time from now!

I am trying to enjoy the here and now, but with the nausea and utter exhaustion, I can’t help but look forward to brighter days.  This is one of the reasons I’m going to begin to jot down my thoughts here as I progress, and probably share some belly pics, too.  I just don’t want to forget about the process as I keep an eye on the future.

I haven’t yet told most people from my tribe (a study group from our congregation) and I definitely haven’t told my co-workers, but I think I’ll keep it on the down-low at work until after the first trimester anyway.  I already have some pregancy announcements made up to send to my extended family as well, but I’m not sure just how soon I’ll be able to send them.  Oh, you want to see them?  Well, maybe when I get home I’ll upload one. 

Cravings:  Sleep, beans and rice, bland things
Aversions:  garlic and onions (too bad because I love them ordinarily!), getting up early (oh wait, that’s not new with the pregnancy…)