We had some new arrivals over the weekend.  They arrived on Shabbat, which also happens to have been my sister’s 26th birthday.

This is my little punk sister.  She’s very stylish.  She had a birthday barbeque and invited everyone.  I couldn’t go because I don’t buy plane tickets on Shabbat.  And I can’t afford a one-night ticket on 4 hours notice.  I was very sad I couldn’t be there, but my little sister was a little sad too, which is unacceptable on her birthday, so I told her about our little arrivals.

I’d been checking in with the mama all day, since the eggs were due to hatch on Friday.  I thought maybe they wouldn’t hatch.  By the time I went to check on them for the umpteenth time that afternoon, I found a little chickie sticking her head out of big mama’s wing feathers.  I knew then that I had missed all the action and was curious to see how many more there were.

 Five little buff orpington chickies were born hatched during the afternoon, while I was studying at the kitchen table.  Sneaky little things.  I had to lift the mama’s body off her chickies so I could count them.  I found three little dry ones and two little wet ones, fresh out of their shells.  So I moved the shells off the babies (out of their way) and after taking this picture I let mama sit back on her babies.

See that look on her face?  That’s the “I’ve had enough of your pictures” look.  I guess the new mama wanted some alone time with her babies.  I can understand that, totally.  But only after I take my pictures.