It’s so cute watching Big Mama teach her little babies what and how to eat!

It’s like quinoa soup for the soul.

They especially love the corn and carrot bits, even though the babies have a little harder time than momma eating them.

Don’t forget your greens!

It’s been so great having little babies around again, with Big Momma being such a good mother to them!  When it’s cold she covers them up under her wings and when they get tired she lets them rest underneath her for protection.  If any of the other chickens gets too close she puffs up and spreads her wings a little to make herself look bigger and meaner.  It’s too funny!

Yesterday one of her chickies went missing and we searched high and low to find it.  They are small enough right now to get through the holes in the chicken wire around the run so we figured she’d gotten through and couldn’t find her way back in to her momma, but she wasn’t there.  We searched their whole area and inside the coop to find absolutely nothing.  We were starting to think that the cat had gotten it or a hawk or something.  The momma was in the run with the rest of her brood, resting under the shade.  There was much peeping, but I heard an especially loud peep coming from somewhere near the run.  I went looking for it, hoping to hear it louder and louder where the little chickie was.  At last, I figured out that the little missing baby was stuck underneath the little wooden step we use to keep the door of the run open during the day.  How she got there I will never know, but as soon as we uncovered her, the momma went running out, leaving her other babies behind, feathers puffed, to its rescue.  It was really sweet.  What a good momma this little buff has turned out to be! 

I hope our other chickens make as good a momma as this one!