When I was at the midwife’s yesterday, the urine test revealed a little protein.  That was my first hint that perhaps my suspicions were right.  The midwife didn’t seem too worried about it and mentioned she’d check my blood later on just to be sure.  We went through the rest of the appointment, talking about how I was feeling, what exercise I should be doing (hubby asked this!) and how I’m eating.  I asked her a million questions about her practices during the birth and pretty much let her know I didn’t want her too involved.  At the end, hubby got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  I think he got a little emotional, as he later told me he wished we could have heard it a little longer.  :) 

At this point he left to go to work, and the midwife went on to get my blood reading.  It was high for sugars.  Knowing I had eaten a slice of toast and peanut butter around 3:30, she didn’t think it should be so high at 5:15.  We talked about the possibility of it being gestational diabetes, but before we know for sure I’m to write down everything I eat for the next few days and see her again on Monday.

Before I got pregnant, way before, like since when I was a kid through 2006, I used to have a problem with yeast in my body.  The day I began taking the Reliv shakes (Jan ’07) I noticed all those symptoms go away.  Yeast loves sugar and thrives in that environment.  Not good for my body.   The last few days (2-3) I have forgotten to take my shakes (which I also use as my prenatal) and I am now wondering if these symptoms could be the effect of too many days without the nutritional support my body needs.  I’m adding them back into my diet with a vengeance now, and hoping to see the changes in my body.  I’m also cutting back on simple sugars, of which I already don’t each much, in the hopes that my sugars will remain fairly low the next few days until I see the midwife again.  If so, I will continue with this diet through the remainder of my pregnancy.

I’m not too worried yet, but I hope that things change soon so that I’m not faced with the kinds of complications that make midwives nervous and I get transfered to the hospital where I’ll encounter even more opposition to the kind of birth I want, the kind of birth I know I can give this child even if he/she is a ten pound baby!  My body can do it, I know it!!