Grandma and I at the park in July

Two days ago I went to the midwife again to have her look over my diet and test my blood sugar. 

My diet looked good as I had cut out most sugars from it except fructose (I gotta have my fruit!).  So instead, they gave me alternatives to fruits that were high on the glycemic index so I could continue eating fruits, just better ones.  My urine sample also looked good as there was no trace of protein in it this time. 

Finally, I asked for my blood sugar to be checked again before I left and thankfully, it turned out completely normal.  The last time I was there it had been at/near 153 or so, but this time it was finally where it should be at 113  (the normal range is under 120, so I was quite safe).  I was so relieved that all my efforts to eat well had worked and my blood sugar was finally back to normal!  

Baruch HaShem for a body that works as it should!


I got my blood drawn for a test that checks for my blood sugar history in the past three months.  Later on I’ll know the outcome of that test, which will help the midwives determine what to do with me.  I pray that everything goes well so I’m not classified as some “high risk” person! 

PS:  I’m half-way through my pregnancy!  Can it be?!