With the hubby gone it’s been a lot easier to make “chick” food.  Though I get to make it sometimes while he’s around, it’s gotta be some kind of side dish with something more “filling” as the main course.

Last night, I got a chance to try a new recipe.  Garlicky Angel Hair Pasta with Roasted Grape Tomatoes.  Definitely chick-food.  Definitely delicious.  Basically, it’s lightly-browned-garlic infused olive oil, tossed with angel hair pasta (in my case whole wheat angel hair), tossed again with broiled grape tomatoes (slightly blackened), basil and parmesean. 

I think I used plum tomatoes instead of grape tomatoes though, since they were slightly larger and juicier than the grape usually are.  They also browned a little more under the broiler than the picture on the recipe, but the inside flesh was just right.  It even got on the pasta a little better than the grape tomatoes would have.  Anyway, it was delicious.  I ate the whole thing.  I meant to pair it with a salad, but since I’d had so many greens/veggies throughout the day already and I was really quite tired, I just ate the pasta.

Garlicky Angel Hair Pasta with Roasted Grape Tomatoes

Ok, granted my picture is not as great as the one in the recipe, but it was still pretty good.  Had I used more garlic, cooked the noodles just a minute or two longer and used shredded instead of grated parmesean, this would have been a superb dish. 

Also eaten this week:
Vegetarian Bean Chili/Stew
Mon: Pescado Sudado (Steamed Fish Fillets – Peruvian Style) and cooked greens. I think I had kale or collard, not sure.
Tues: Green Beans a la South of France with Cucumber/Tomato Salad
Wed: dinner at the country club (fish & potatoes)

I’m still undecided as to what I should make tonight for Shabbat.  I have a TON more green beans left (from our weekly CSA box) and would like to incorporate them into the menu somehow… maybe chicken, too?