When I left home this morning, I left the chickens with a perilously low amount of water.  They only had half their container full.  I knew they wouldn’t last very long like that so I quickly drove home during my lunch hour today to refill their water.  Sure enough, when I got there it was not only soiled, but down to nothing. 

After I refilled their water, I set about making my lunch.  A very quickly made lunch, my version of an Egg and Salad sandwich is tasty, easy and filling.  It’s probably nutritious, too.

Egg (&) Salad Sandwich

Egg (&) Salad Sandwich

Now THAT’S my kinda sandwich!  In no more than 7 or 8 minutes, this sandwich was on my plate, hot and ready to eat.  Yum! 

How much do you think I saved eating at home vs. eating out today?  :)  The only thing missing on this sandwich was some cheese.  Yep, right between the salad and the egg.   Ah well.  Now I know what to get at the store after work tonight.

How I wish I could eat at home more often!

In other news…  I also noticed on my drive home that my chucks were choking my swollen feet and had given me cankles.  Yes, I am now that kind of pregnant lady.  The cankle-laden preggo.  I am very sorry to say.