The last two times I was at the midwife’s for a prenatal I’ve measured over my expected measurement.  Usually, your uterus measures the same number of centimeters as the number of weeks of the pregnancy.  Three weeks ago was the first time I measured over my expected measurement.  Up until then I was measuring exactly where I should.  So, at 29 weeks I measured 31 cm.  No biggie.  Just a little growth like that is totally normal.

At 31 weeks, my next prenatal, I measured 33 cm.  Seems just fine.  They felt for the position of the baby and could only really find what seems like one healthy baby.  Each midwife felt the belly and was confident enough to say it wasn’t likely to be twins and my growth was fine.

Then today I went back in because they wanted to take a look at my diet again since my blood sugar was so high last time.  They said I looked great and I told them I felt fine.  They measured my baby belly and exchanged some glances.  You know something’s up when midwives exchange glances.  Lisa asked Rachel, “what did she measure last week?”  “Thirty-three.”  “Huh.  I think I’m getting 37.”  She felt my uterus again, feeling for the fundus and stretching her tape measure over it.  A time or two she got 36, but in the end they decided it was definitely 37 cm.  I jumped 4 cm in a week.  That’s the kind of growth that makes one question whether or not there are two babies growing in there.

We talked about the possibility of it being twins or if it’s just a lot of water, a fluid exchange or a large baby.  Lisa suggested getting an ultrasound so that we’d know for sure whether or not there are two babies in there, but I just really don’t want to get any ultrasounds.  Thankfully, I don’t have to do anything about it now, but I need to be thinking about that as a possibility.

If there’s two, I’m fine with that and that’s not at all what’s stressing me out.  The thought of having to get an ultrasound to know for sure is what I don’t like to think about.  I mean, really, what’s that going to do?  There’ll still be two babies in there whether I have one or not, and truly the babies can change positions at any time between now and when they’re born.  If one is breech or sideways then it’ll likely have more room to move into a more favorable position for birth once the other one’s out, right?

Well, I have some time to think about things and to weigh my options before I make any decisions.  Getting two of everything won’t be a big deal, since we pretty much have a lot of people offering us stuff all the time.  We pretty much already have two car seats lined up, and if I get all the diapers I registered for at my next baby shower then we’ll be pretty set.  I mean, we’re planning to do Elimination Communication as much as possible, so hopefully we won’t be needing so many diapers anyway.  We just like to be on the safe side.  I have a few dozens already.  What else?  An extra bassinet?  Should be easy to get.  Clothes?  Everyone has baby clothes they want to get rid of.  I know two will be a lot more work than what I think, but I just don’t think it’ll be the end of the world or that I’m ill-prepared for the task.

Again, what I really don’t want is to have to go the “medical” route and get a stinkin’ ultrasound.  Not for my baby(ies)!  It just doesn’t seem natural.  And that’s not the start I want to give them in life.  Besides, there are questions that have been raised in my mind about their safety.  I know the medical community sees them as routine, but I’m just not convinced that they KNOW that for a fact just yet.  It’s often the case where practices are adopted as routine for years before we know their harmful effects.

And I just really. don’t. want. an. ultrasound.