In browsing craigslist for jobs (for unemployment) I came across this ad:

Looking for the right people (2) with sales/phone/computer and people skills to provide customer service and telemarketing, accepting payments and going over billing info. Trial period of 30 days and go from there. Must be professional and cherful on the phones and in pearson. Please send resume and a short (why this might be for me). 35 hours a week and possibly going to 40 hours a week.
Thank you.

Compensation: 9.00 an hour and up D. E. O.

Wow. Right away this starts off on the wrong foot because of that terrible run-on sentence.  Then there’s the lack of proper and incorrect use of grammar throughout the ad, not to mention the misspelled words and incomplete sentences.  The ad seeks a professional person, yet this ad is anything but!

My husband suggests I should send a reply with a cover letter written in their language.  How about, “I am a cherful pearson with “lots” of expereince being “professional”.  I have experience working in (office environment) and (around customers).  Please trial me for 30 day.  You wont be sorry.”