In an attempt to get back on the menu-planning bandwagon, here’s mine for the week:

Sunday – leftovers
Monday – leftovers (we had a lot)

Tuesday –
B: eggs & toast
L: peruvian tuna salad (ensalada de atún)
D: salad, peruvian lentils & rice

Wednesday –
B: farina & toast
L: turkey and greens sandwich
D: pumpkin frittata, salad, crusty bread

Thursday –
B: eggs & toast
L: leftovers
D: chicken pesto pasta & salad

Friday –
B: cereal
L: leftovers
D: challah, oven roasted chicken & veggies, rustic hasselback potatoes, seasoned mustard greens, black bean and corn salad, baked fudge & vanilla ice cream

Sabbath –
B: breakfast burritos (defrost fri morn), pumpkin scones (make ahead)
L: chickpea salad (make ahead) over salad greens
D: leftovers, sopa a la minuta (reheated), leftover challah

As always, this list is subject to change depending on what goes on this week.  I hope it’s accurate though, because I don’t have much else on-hand.