Have you seen it?  I just saw it this morning for the first time, and I gotta tell ya, if it doesn’t get you to want to make better choices everyday, then I don’t know what will.  If you have seen it, watch it again.  If anything, it’ll be a good reminder.

As for me, you better believe I’m going to keep doing my part to lessen the effects of consumption on our world.  Thrift stores, here I come!

Christians should have more beautiful gardens, should be more careful to build without cutting down the lovely trees, should be more sensitive about keeping the brook unspoiled as it bubbles through their lands.  Sadly, this has not been so.  Of course one must speak of the historic and prophetic facts which people need to hear, the truth about G-d and the universe.  But this makes much more sense in a setting which shows that action on the basis of truth really does fit in with the universe as it is, and was created.   -Edith Schaeffer (The Hidden Art of Homemaking, pg.88)