I think it’s high-time for an update and some pictures, don’t you?  I’ve been gone a while with things to do, places to go, and no time really, for much else.  But here I am with a working camera again (it stopped uploading pictures for a while but now it’s back) and so I won’t have to feel bad for posting only text and no pictures.

About the Hez

Since September, the child has learned to crawl (awkwardly for a long time before doing it correctly) and walk without assistance.  He’s now all over the place so fast leaving a mass destruction in his wake.  He’s a little tornado on the go and we love it (even if it is tiring to pick up after).  He still says just mama and dada but is learning to say dog (he says gog).  He knows the sound the fish makes (he makes a smacking sound with his lips) and can tell you where his head is (a quick hand to the head).  He was sick with a stomach flu a couple weeks ago, which didn’t completely resolve until just last week.  Because of it he’s lost some weight but he’s definitely making up for it now with twice the appetite he had before.

He did amazingly well on his first week-long road trip to Washington and he (and I) got to see and be in the Space Needle for the first time.  He’s had a visit from his aunt and grandmother from my side and seen his first snow fall.  He also enjoyed watching the Hanukkah lights and the holiday lights strung about our town.


About Me

I enjoyed every moment my sister and mom were here visiting, taking in their presence, their love and their support.  They were both an immense help with my little Tornado Baby and of course we had lots of fun, too.  I have survived and lived to tell about a week-long road trip around Washington with a 9-month old baby (he actually did really well) and feel all the wiser for it.  Next we have another plane trip, only this time he won’t be 3 months old, he’ll be 1 year old.  I hope I come back wiser from that, too.  I’ve been off-again on-again with meal planning, depending on how “on it” I feel and on the baby’s napping times.  We’ve gone from three naps to just one since September and this, too, has changed me and made me a more patient woman.  I hope to continue to be flexible but scheduled enough to run this home and my time more efficiently  (I type this as my son is begging me for something to eat at my feet, apparently I still have much to learn about time management and priorities).

I love this new phase in life, and I can’t wait to see what else happens as we close out this year and begin the next!