In short, I’m an independent distributor for a company based on a product that is changing lives.  It’s nutrition (and hope) in a can, as we like to say.

Reliv Independent DistributorLet me tell you about what it’s done for me.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had some trouble with candida in my body.  For some reason, it’s always been out of balance in my body, causing infections and serious discomfort.  In 2002-2006 that became much worse, with me going to see doctors and trying new medicines to no avail.  Some days I couldn’t even go to work because I had no relief and no energy.  I was also struggling with anxiety and tachycardia which became worse and worse to the point of me going in to the ER thinking I was going to die.  I couldn’t breathe, would get dizzy going down the stairs (or up) and couldn’t sleep at night for my racing heart.  The doctor said it was all in my head and offered no other help.

I was introduced to this product after calling in about a radio ad for the business.  I was not interested in the business but was intrigued by the product.  I wanted to try it out as an alternative to taking vitamins in a pill form, since I could never remember to do it in the morning and knew I needed to supplement for better health.  Well, I started on the product and after my very first shake my infections went away.  I had no symptoms or any discomfort at all.  I thought it was a fluke, just a good day, so I kept taking the shakes to prove they weren’t the cause.  I drank them for three months straight, faithfully and correctly, and let me tell you that I did not see those symptoms re-appear.  Not only that but I hadn’t had a single anxiety attack those three months, and my tachycardia was 90% better.  At that point, I knew I had something special.  If it had been for just that, I would have stayed on the product, but I also saw back pain from a car accident go away, which had me in physical therapy for three months with no real relief prior to Reliv.  It took maybe three weeks on this product and I was out of physical therapy and feeling almost pain-free.  I also saw improvement in my sleep; I was sleeping longer and deeper, more restfully.  I had more energy, mental clarity; my hair and nails were shiny and healthy, even the beginning of  seasonal allergy symptoms went away and I was no longer getting sinus infections.

Because I saw such a drastic improvement in my health, I began to think of what it could do for my family.  I got involved with the business at the top-profit level and shared my results with my 77 year old grandmother who was struggling with tendonitis among other ailments.  She also saw drastic improvements in her body with this powerful nutrition, seeing her tendonitis go away and osteoporosis improve.  My mom saw these results in my grandmother and she too joined me at the top-profit level.  She saw results with her menopause symptoms and chronic back pain.  Together we have been helping many other people live healthier lives and get an income as well.   The company has an excellent compensation plan, which has 5 avenues of income and is will-able to future generations.

For more information on how you can improve your health or finances (or both!) contact me at: ruizbe82 at gmail dot com or 541-609-895 one.

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