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Things are progressing as I strive to become more organized.

The first night (SUN) I got to bed on time (9 p.m. – yeah I’m thinking that might be a tad early) I couldn’t actually fall asleep. It took me three and a half hours to finally fall asleep, thereby defeating the purpose of going to bed early in the first place!

Oh, it was almost physically painful to be in bed and not be able to fall asleep. How I tried! By around midnight I was frustrated and mad that I hadn’t yet fallen asleep but half an hour later my body’s weariness (either from the day or from trying to sleep) finally won and I finally slept.

My weekly menu planner (will soon go through some changes)

The next morning I was tired and sleepy but I knew it would be easier for me to fall asleep early that night because of my lack of proper sleep the night before. I got my morning chores done and after work my evening chores(except for mopping because the floors were fairly clean) and did my schedule for the following day. I even packed my lunch and placed it in the fridge. I got myself to bed around 9:30 p.m., which I think works out better for me than 9, and fell asleep around 10 after doing my schedule for the following day.

Do you want to see what my schedule looks like?


::Housekeeping Routine::


How neat is this?!

The same lady that appeared in the documentary A Journey Home, (which is an excellent movie, too) is now explaining (to the many of us who do not even know anyone who can) how to make candles, soap and bread! I think this is great, not just because I know they’re coming at this from the perspective of believers, but also because it means there’s a demand out there to learn these “forgotten” arts! It makes me very excited to think of all those people who are returning to the kind of lifestyle that focuses on the home, the family and hopefully also on the L-rd.

Now I don’t feel like such a “hippie”.

I just came across a very interesting post about the care and keep of husbands, found in an old cookbook! Isn’t that funny? Anyway, it’s from the early 1900s and it’s written in such a way that I just absolutely love it. You can find it here.

Here’s an excerpt:
“Make a clear, steady fire of love, neatness and cheerfulness. Set him near this, as it seems to agree with him. If he sputters and fizzles, do not be anxious, some husbands do this until they are quite done. Add a little sugar in the form of what confections call kisses, but no vinegar or pepper on any account. A little spice improves them, but it must be used in judgment.”

My Kitchen Tip Tuesday contribution: How to keep those herbs fresh!

I got this tip from a Rachel Ray episode. She washes her herbs after coming back from the market, and without draining off the excess water from the herbs, wrap them in paper towels and put them in plastic ziplock bags. The moisture from the paper towels helps keep them fresh as ever, and they last a really long time in the fridge this way! Mine keep for at least a week, but sometimes two, without getting wilty or yellow or rotting. It doesn’t even take that much time to do. :)

When you need to use the herb, Read the rest of this entry »

…Because we all know it’s all about reusing.

We wash and re-use plastic zipper bags until they are no longer usable. This means either they rip somewhere or the zipper stops working. This is what we do in my house to strech each box we buy because it’s pretty silly to only use them once before tossing. This way, they last us a lot longer, too. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s been over 8 months since I’ve had to buy a box of these! After the bag has been used a gazillion times, it goes in our “soft plastic” recycling so that it can be reused as something else later on.

This little contraption is hand-made Read the rest of this entry »

What do you do with a half a bag of frozen veggies? You stick them back in the freezer for another use, right? Of course. But when the time comes for you to use the rest of those veggies, it takes forever for them to defrost enough so that they’re not a big blob of rock solid veggies, or if you’re in a hurry, you just pound them on the counter so they’ll “loosen up.”

Well let me give you an easier way. Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s an excellent post on the importance of being modest when appropriate, and of being immodest, too.

After reading this I did some soul searching to find out if I had been too much of a stone mason or too good at beautifying my garden. I’m convinced I can do better in both, but now I more fully understand the value of actually being both.

It isn’t a contradiction, it’s a matter of where it takes place. We can still be sexy if we are sexy to and for the right person, while to everyone else making sure that we remain “a garden enclosed”.

Go grab your box of brillo pads from under your sink. Grab a pair of scissors and start cutting them in half.

You will usually only need half for most jobs, plus you’ll keep your kitchen scissors nice and sharp! You’ll save yourself from having the whole pad rust when you leave it somewhere in hopes of using it again soon before you have to throw it out. It’ll also save you some money in the long run, since you’re buying less boxes of brillo pads!

For more kitchen tips, visit Tammy’s Recipes.

For more frugal ideas visit Biblical Woomanhood.

I have never liked filling the sink with soapy water and later filling the other side with clean water when i wash dishes. Yes, I know some people really like that because their dishes soak and then they claim it’s easier to wash off. That may very well be, but I have never liked filling it. It always seemed a waste of water plus, later I’d look at what was in the sink with my dishes and get really grossed out.

My method, for a few years, has been simply to clean my plate off, throw out any liquids left in my glass, and giving a quick rinse before applying soap to the sponge and washing the dish. This method, although it’s much easier, is fairly wasteful when it comes to both water and soap.

In looking for ways to use less soap, I have decided to go back to the way I used to wash dishes, when I still lived with my mom. This is what she would do: Read the rest of this entry »


In the spirit of Frugal Fridays hosted by, I decided to post the following observation made earlier this week:

As I was going through our bills and making our online payments I made two stacks. One is for paid bills to be filed, and the other for what I no longer needed that could be recycled with our regular office paper. As I was making these two piles I noticed that I was putting a lot of envelopes in with the recyclables. You know, the envelopes that billers send with which for you to return your payment. Since I was making bill payments online through my bank I had no use for them and they were all going the recycle bin! I though, “what the heck am I doing? They’re perfectly good envelopes and I’m sure I can find use for them for something else!”

So now I have them in with my regular envelopes and the next time I need an envelope (unless it’s got to look professional) I’m going to reach in for the free ones instead of the ones I paid for!

One particular use that comes to mind: every month I mark an envelope with the month and year and put all the receipts for that month in that envelope in order to keep them organized. I usually grab one of the “good ones” and have now decided I don’t need a pretty envelope for old receipts. I’m going to use one of my free envelopes and save myself a few pennies in the process.

How I wish I could have thought of this years before!

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