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A response to the article written in USA Today, The Palin Predicament.

David Gushee has written an insightful article on “The Palin Predicament” (USA Today, September 15) and asked some very cogent questions of evangelical leaders who espouse a “complementarian” view of the roles of men and women (i.e., that men and women have separate but complementary roles). Mr. Gushee points to the essential contradiction in the view of those who say that Sarah Palin is qualified to be the vice president of the United States, but is unqualified to lead her own household or serve in a leadership position in the church. He wonders how those who “have spent most of their careers arguing that the primary responsibility of women is to tend to their homes and families” can now enthusiastically endorse a “mother of five with a grandchild on the way” whose political career does not permit her time to make her family her primary responsibility.

But Professor Gushee’s purpose is not only to ask questions; his ultimate purpose is to issue a challenge to conservative evangelicals. His challenge is simple: Because of your open support of an evangelical woman for vice president, are you also willing to rethink your faulty, “archaic theological vision” that prohibits you from allowing devout Christian women the full exercise of their gifts in all spheres of life, including the family and the church?

What I appreciate about Gushee’s article is the irenic yet penetrating way he exposes the flawed views and logic of the Christian leaders, denominations, and ministries that permit women to serve as governors of states and leaders of nations but forbid these same women from serving as leaders in their homes and churches.

–William Einwechter (Th.M.)

View the rest of this article here.


“Talk show host Jay Leno recently scolded “Americans” for being a bunch of spoiled brats, unhappy with George Bush and our great country. For the most part, he said, we have safety, comfort and abundant freedoms. We need to stop listening to the media, which is overly focused on negativity. He further suggests that we should be more grateful for the blessings of being an American in America… Yes, we are a bunch of spoiled brats. Yes, we continue to view ourselves as being in a position of privilege in the world. Yes, as a country, we seem to have difficulty embracing the concept that there are limited resources. When we take more than our share, others suffer.”

Read the rest of the article here.

I absolutely understand where this guy is coming from. It’s not about us whining about our circumstances, but rather lamenting the wayward way in which this country is going. Some of the commenters at the bottom of the article thought that he was lamenting his own lifestyle, but I believe he was speaking collectively, as a whole. This is what our nation is doing, and I agree. It’s a sad thing to see where this country is headed and we are right to lament (as long as we are also doing our part to not contribute!).

Lately I’ve been reading the book of Jeremiah and these verses caught my eye:

“Jeremiah, say to the people, ‘This is what the Lord says:“‘When people fall down, don’t they get up again? Read the rest of this entry »

I was reading through some BBC Mundo blogs and came across this one, in which the use of the word “American” is discussed. The use of this word is oftentimes a sensitive subject for those of us who consider ourselves American, just not from the US. Afterall, there are plenty of countries in what is considered to be the Americas.

The article observes that although what people really mean when they say something is “American” is from the United States, there are cases in which the term may be used, and indeed must in order for the statement to make sense.

Insightful and funny!

check it out here.

Here’s an excellent post on the importance of being modest when appropriate, and of being immodest, too.

After reading this I did some soul searching to find out if I had been too much of a stone mason or too good at beautifying my garden. I’m convinced I can do better in both, but now I more fully understand the value of actually being both.

It isn’t a contradiction, it’s a matter of where it takes place. We can still be sexy if we are sexy to and for the right person, while to everyone else making sure that we remain “a garden enclosed”.

“One major fear of open immigration is economic: the fear of losing one’s job to immigrants. It is asked: ‘Won’t the immigrants take our jobs?’ The answer is: ‘Yes, so we can go on to better, higher-paying jobs’. The fallacy in this protectionist objection lies in the idea that there is only a finite amount of work to be done. The unstated assumption is: ‘If Americans don’t get to do that work, if foreigners do it instead, we Americans will have nothing to do.'”

The author brings up a lot of good points, including morality and our basic rights, both as Americans and humans. Read the article here.

An excellent understanding of a Biblical marriage, what marriage OUGHT to be:

“…I chose to use the practical example of a husband’s financial provision freeing his wife to take on the management of the home without distraction and his wife’s home management giving him a sense of security and freedom to provide without worrying about the care of his home and family… We have reduced the concept of a happy marriage to the definition of a soul mate that is no deeper than what you would find in the average Hollywood movie. We forsake all wisdom, parental guidance, and advice, and marry because we are “in love” and then are shocked when the marriage isn’t all we thought it would be…”

Soul Mates and “Bad Marriages”

Minutia of My Life

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