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When I recently mentioned to a friend that I was thinking about doing some prenatal yoga for fitness when my morning sickness abated, she cautioned me using some pretty urgent tones.  A man she met from the east (I don’t remember from where) told her once that Westerners didn’t know what they were doing when practicing yoga, because every pose was an invitation for a certain spirit.  It wasn’t just in the chanting or meditation they do, it was in the poses themselves.  She asked me to consider a different form of exercise.

At first I thought it was totally batty.  Like when those Christian tapes came out about holloween and said whenever you put a mask on your kid a demon would enter him/her.  I thought that was pretty batty too.  But it’s kind of been sitting in the back of my mind since then.  It refuses to go away.

The truth is, I’m not sure I know enough about yoga to say, “yes, I know it’s safe.”  Before I practice something that’s associated with pagan worship and possibly evil spirits, shouldn’t I be sure of it?  The benefits of physical and emotional fitness might not be enough to outweigh whatever spiritual outcomes there are, if any.  So I began looking.

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One of the saddest videos I have seen on animal cruelty in the meat industry…

How can these people sleep at night?

Edit: While my purpose in sharing this video was to show how some people can abuse animals without a trace of remorse, if you are so inclined as to reconsider your meat consumption and wish to educate yourself further about the companies from which you purchase your meats, then I’m sure you will have made PETA very happy, and possibly help change the future of unfortunate animals such as these.

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