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I can hardly believe it’s been a year since we brought this little guy home from the hospital.  He has grown and changed so much!  He was a chubby, wobbly, helpless little hairy thing who was almost always asleep and now he’s a rambunctious little blur of a boy.  He’s officially a toddler.  Wow, I have a toddler.  It just blows my mind.   Read the rest of this entry »


Dear Three-Hour-Nap,

We’ve missed you!  Thank you for stopping by today and gracing us with your presence.  We miss your daily visits and, as soon as this teething phase is over, can’t wait to have you over again more often.  Please feel free to stop by, if you can, because it really has been a breath of fresh air to have you.  You have no idea what this means to us.  To me.

With much love and affection,

Dear Swaddling,

Did you get a haircut?  A nose job?  Hmm.  I just can’t tell what you’ve done that’s different, but something’s different.  Hezzy doesn’t even recognize you.  He used to hate you and want nothing to do with you, but now I think he’s rather fond of you!  Whatever you’ve done, keep up the good work!

I remain your faithful friend and fan,

Dear Teething:

I don’t like you.  There’s the door.  As soon as you’ve finished your business please show yourself out.


Hezzy, 5 days old

DISCLAIMER: These are the events as I remember them, which may or may not be the way things actually went.  I have a terrible memory, you see, and it’s been nearly 5 months since this happened.  Oh also, I was drugged up most of the time. That said, I’m sure this is pretty close to the actual events.  Ok.

To be able to accurately tell the story of Hezzy’s birthday, one must start way before the day he was born.  We must go back to when I was 19 weeks pregnant.  After my check-up with the midwife I knew that I had gestational diabetes.  I put a plan in place to eat right (including my Reliv shakes) which worked well in controlling the disease until the latter part of my pregnancy.

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My son has…

big feet.

(The last photo’s angle makes his feet look freakishly long, but I assure you, while big, his feet are not freakish.)

Dear son,

3 a.m. is not playtime.  It wasn’t yesterday and it wasn’t today.   All you may expect at that time is a half-open eye, milk, your favorite pacifier, or a quiet walk across a dark house.  No matter how flirty your smiles, how loud or sweet your coos, or how plentiful and varied your other powers of persuasion may be, I shall never be fully awake at that time – and neither should you.

Ever your loving,


PS:  Enclosed please find a sample of what you used to do at 3 a.m.  Let’s go back to that, shall we?

It’s unseasonably early for spring to have arrived in my neighborhood, but I’m not complaining.  It sure is nice to see the daffodils shining in the sunlight and the little purple crocus peeking out from the green grass.  Spring is so nice, isn’t it?  All the pink trees are in bloom, too!   l love it.

This means the Hez and I have been able to take walks around our neighborhood a few times a week, which not only is great exercise but lifts the spirits.

One of our neighbors has this little hut near the edge of their property.

My sister was here at the end of February, visiting us and meeting her nephew.  We were able to go out around the neighborhood a few times and even went to the nearby park on a particularly nice day.

Even on a warm, sunny, winter day my southern california sister is cold.

I hope this weather keeps up around here, since I’m very fond of walking our neighborhood now.  Yesterday, the hubby, the Hez and I went on a walk around the neighborhood and we stopped to talk with at least three of our neighbors/friends, not counting the one we spoke to right before the walk.  It was such a nice day that everyone was out!

Knowing Oregon weather, though, it’s likely that the sun will hide for another couple months before it’s really spring.  There’s always a warm period around this time of year, but since the pretty flowers are out, I’m hoping Spring will stick around.

In the meantime, I’ll be walking with my baby while the sun’s out!  See you around the neighborhood!

How great it is to be a new mommy!

We still have a lot to go, as far as sleeping schedules and my learning to make the best use of my time, but it has been wonderful so far and I keep looking forward to what’s to come.  In the meantime, I’ll sleep when I can and hope I don’t mess up too much as a parent.

Here are some pictures I took recently of me and the boy with the laptop.

I’m crazy in love with this little boy.

PS: If I haven’t been writing lately, it’s because all my brain cells seem to have gone on an extended vacation and I hardly have the mental ability to function on a day-to-day basis.  Someday (maybe soon?) my brain cells will return and I’ll have something more fascinating to share.    :)

John Hezekiah Crall was born January 7th at 6:41 pm via c-section.  He weighed 11 lbs and measured 22″ long.

We finally came home from the hospital the evening of the 10th (Sunday) and I have been slowly recovering from the surgery.  John has been a champion eater and sleeper, giving us a few 4 and 5-hour stretches of sleep at a time already.  He has excellent neck muscles and has been holding his head and upper body up for short periods of time since he was three days old.

I expect to be fully recovered in a few weeks, but for now I spend most of my time sitting in bed nursing our  sweet boy and not doing much of anything else until my incision heals.

Many of our friends have been kind enough to bring meals over to us, and I’ve got to say I’ve never eaten better in my life with such little effort on my part!  It’s something I could get used to, if it weren’t for the fact that I would miss cooking very much.

He is very much admired by his grandmas and will be missed greatly.  My own mother has been calling almost every night since she left.  She calls him her “piojito” and was of great help to me while I was in the hospital.  She held him and rocked him and sang to him while waiting on me hand and foot and helping me get around.  Poor woman didn’t get much sleep, although I tried to let her have as much as she could get.  She’s an amazing mother and I know she will be a wonderful grandma.  My husband’s mother was also here helping out in my house while I was in the hospital.  She cleaned our house to perfection and cooked a couple meals for us to have on hand in case we needed something in a hurry.  What would we do without the grandmothers?!

Though the birth did not go as we had planned, and in fact was quite the opposite of what we wanted in almost every aspect, I saw HaShem’s hand in it all and His plan is always better than our own.  Had we not had the c-section, I’m sure both his life and my own would have been in jeopardy.

All in all, we are very blessed.

I’m almost 40 weeks pregnant and I can hardly believe I’m still pregnant.  I never thought I would carry the baby this long by how big it got and how quickly.  Looks like it’s very comfortable where it is, and it might need a little more time to “brown” in the “oven.”  That’s perfectly fine with me.

Things are getting a little harder now, like I can’t really be on my feet for very long at all anymore, and turning over in bed is getting more difficult and almost even a little painful with such a large belly to flip over.  I’m so glad my mom is here to help me clean and cook, and she’s very good company to keep.  We’ve been staying up a little too late watching movies on Netflix at night, but we’re really going to try to get to bed earlier tonight.

My poor mom is freezing most of the time here.  We keep our house fairly cool at 62-64 degrees and with a few sweaters on she does all right here, but once we have to go outside she gets really cold.  She wraps up thicker from head to toe and yet she cannot get warm at times.  Thankfully we have lots of tea on hand and that seems to help.  I think she’s starting to get used to it though.  We lent her our space heater for her room so she can warm it up to 72 at night in there.  Poor southern californian mama.

On the 25th, we went out to Mary’s Peak and took a few pictures.  The weather wasn’t as cold as we expected, though we did a little bit of snow on the ground.  My husband even took off his shirt to get a little sun exposure.  He likes to make vitamin D that way.  :)

Afterwards, we went out to eat at a Thai food place, which was awesome and we had tons of leftovers.  In order to work out our food and digestion, we took a little walk and went downtown to the courthouse where my mom wanted to get pictures by the tree and lit courthouse.

Some of the pictures came out a little dark, but otherwise I think they came out well.

If we take any other pictures while I’m still pregnant it’ll be nice to look back on that later and wonder about how close (or far) I was from giving birth in the picture.

Think it’ll be much longer?

My grandmother’s 80th birthday party was the weekend of September 12th.  We flew out there the day before and stayed through the following Wednesday.  We were able to see family that we hadn’t seen in years because of where they live, like my aunt Mila from Peru or my uncle Arxa from Miami.  Most of my grandma’s extended family was there and it was a lovely, touching time. 

Here we are waiting for the “program” to start.  It was my best prego party dress, and I still felt under-dressed compared to everyone else there.  It’s hard finding good prego clothes.   Hubby looked stunning in his blue shirt. Read the rest of this entry »

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