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It’s pretty sad when WordPress no longer remembers who I am.  I actually had to log in again because, apparently, I’ve been gone from blogging a bit too long.  But, here I am.

All is well here at the homestead, although there seems to be so much to do when all you want to do is nothing.  The baby chickens are growing up fast and will soon be laying, although I have my suspicions that two are actually roosters.  If that’s the case, we’ll be having rooster stew soon.   We had a broody a few weeks ago, but it turned out that all her eggs were duds, which we found out about after one made a very stinky mess in the nest.  Just out of curiosity we broke another one and not only did we find out it too was a dud, but it was green and slimy inside, and SUPER smelly.  I’m pretty sure we’re never doing that again!

The apple tree is busy growing little apples and each day the branches bend more and more with the weight of their growing cargo.  I’m looking forward to making some apple butter again this year and some pies.  Our fig trees are growing well, too, and one of them even has several tiny little figs waiting to grow.  I doubt they’ll be at all good, but I’m glad the tree (bush/shrub) is producing well.

We’ve even had a little time to put in a bit of a garden with tomatoes and lettuce, but it’s not doing so well because the chickens keep finding a way to get in and eat it all up.  Relentless little critters.

The Hez is also doing well.  Growing like a little weed, too.  He’s outgrown his infant car seat so we’ve had to get a convertible one.  I’m a little bummed out about that since you can’t take the convertible one with you to the store if he falls asleep in the car.  We’re also just starting him out on solids, although not very consistently.  He’s tried a few veggies and fruits, and some teething biscuits, but he’s not on any kind of regular eating schedule, nor has he tried rice cereal.  Honestly, that just doesn’t sound at all nutritious to me.  I’ve ordered a book called Super Baby Food which contains recipes for making your own cereals from grains, so I’ll give those a try.  It’s a little exciting getting to this phase, but it also means the poopie diapers get stinkier and more solid, so no more just popping them in the washer.  :T  I’m definitely going to get one of those toilet sprayer things soon.  The little dude still doesn’t crawl (thankfully?!) but he’s been attempting to pull himself up to standing from a sitting position, and he loves to walk while I hold his hands.  He’s been standing up on his own while holding on to something, like the edge of his pack ‘n play or the headboard on our bed.  He’s Mr. Chatty (like his dad) and loves to squeal, too.  He’s putting everything in his mouth and reaching for everything, even if it means taking a tumble.  I have to have my eye on him constantly!  He’s also a sweetheart and loves to cuddle.  I can’t wait to see how his personality develops as he grows.  Being a mother is so exciting!

How ’bout some pictures?

Alsea Falls with Andrea and Gabriel, Jodi and Lilly, Me and the Hez (asleep)


Do you remember our beautiful backyard?


All pretty with flowers and garden beds and green grass?  Well this year we decided to see what happens if we let the grass grow.  We had no idea it would grow this fast.

It is almost up to my waist in height and I’m starting to get a little panicky.  I thought it would stay fairly short, maybe mid-leg.  You know, a little wild looking, but not too wild.  Well.  I was wrong.  Read the rest of this entry »

As I was walking down the street on my way to work, I noticed that the cherry blossom trees were already blooming.  A whole row of pink trees lined one side of the street, dotted by one white tree in almost full-bloom.   Not having taken the bus the last week, I’d missed my walk down that street and not seen the progression of the trees blooming.  The last time I walked down there, the trees had only buds; the promise of spring.  What a lovely surprise it was to see beautiful blossoms on my way to work.

Trees in bloom

Spring is finally here! 

Plans for our garden are well under-way at home.  Hubby was smart enough to plant seedlings a few weeks ago and put them in our new green house (we bought an inexpensive one that looked quite useful the other day) but just a couple days after going in the green house we had some rough winds batter the greenhouse and tip it over, sending our seedlings crashing to the concrete below.  Not wanting them to go to waste not knowing what was growing (since all the labels went flying off) we salvaged what we could and planted into the ground the ones that looked similar.  Perhaps in a few weeks we’ll have lettuce and melons growing next to each other, but for now it seemed the only way to rescue the precious seedlings.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

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It’s that time again! Time to look upon my garden and consider how good the Lord has been to us in providing so much food from the earth. There will be plenty of pictures, so if you’re on a slow connection you might consider making yourself some dinner while this page loads. After dinner you can come back and snuggle in front of the computer screen with a cup of tea and hopefully by then the page will have loaded. :P

So first on the list are our strawberries. We have these in the little hill that surrounds our deck. They are growing everywhere and they’re growing quickly, too! Thanks to the rain these past few days they are growing big and juicy.


Our fig trees are getting leafier and leafier. Hopefully they’ll start growing vertically soon, too. Read the rest of this entry »

From a tiny little seed, these pea plants will grow many times their size to go on and produce multiple peas. I will plant this directly into the ground, pot and all (which is why it’s made of newspaper) and watch it grow and climb and become fruitful.

It’s so hard to believe that it’s already May. Where has the first half of the year gone? I suppose we’re not really half-way through the year yet, but it seems like it, almost. This year the winter has been so long that I’ve not had the chance to really get accustomed to spring. Soon the summer will be here and warm, even scorching days are ahead of us. It will be the time to look towards winter and plan ahead.

My husband has been dutifully storing and drying out wood for us, for the winter. Since we moved into our house in October, we hadn’t really stored any wood so when winter came around we had to turn on the heater quite often. Many months we had no wood at all to burn. This year it will be different. We have begun to store it and will keep our eyes open for more that we can have on hand so that we will not be inclined to use our heater whenever possible.

To better insulate the house, we have a replacement of windows and doors planned. They will be a lot easier to open also, which will facilitate airing out the house in the summer. How I look forward to that! I hope to also be able to change the sliding glass door in the dining room to a french door so I can put up some nice curtains there to help insulate the room, without the curtains looking odd.

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One of the exciting things about a new house is that you never know what’s going to come up in the spring. Much to my surprise, our garden started growing all kinds of interesting leaves, which grew buds, which turned into flowers. Some of those were daffodils, and some were tulips. Here are a few shots of my beautiful tulips:

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Some of my latest culinary attempts:

Challah (Jewish Sabbath bread – totally delicious!)

Go on, break off a piece! :)

Granola (Just slightly sweet, slightly coconut-y, slightly chocolate-y, 100% delicious!) Read the rest of this entry »

This is the bouquet that adorned our dinner table on Resurrection Sunday. He is risen, indeed!

I wish I had taken pictures of all of us on this night, but of course, my mind was on hosting more than it was on recording these memories. I know though that we’ll have other opportunities for pictures so I’m not too distressed. For now you can look at the bouquet that was on our table that night and think of the table dressed for company around that bouquet. Cloth napkins, complete place settings for six and the fancy water glasses my mother-in-law was so gracious to give me a few years ago.

So we have three different Read the rest of this entry »

The animals and I are enjoying this beautiful, sunny Sunday by being out in the sun. I took some time to take a look at what’s been growing in my garden.

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Happy Fourth of July!!

So far, today has been great. I woke up around NINE THIRTY (i almost forgot what sleeping in felt like!) and did various chores around the apartment. If I may say so myself, I think my apartment looks great! Has it ever been this clean? I’ve got laundry cooking in the dryer and I’m making plans for tonight. Dan thinks it would be nice to climb up a mountain top and watch the fireworks from up high My husband bought a small accordion

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