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From left to right: newborn prefold, what he was wearing not too long ago, what he’s wearing now

Where is the time going?  My baby is growing up so fast.  A friend came over this afternoon to show off his baby girl.  She’s 5 weeks old.  Holding her made me realize just how much my own baby has grown.  She barely weighed anything!  Of course, Hezzy has always been pretty hefty, but it was startling to see so clearly the difference between the two.

Did you know Hezzy can stand up?  Yep, he can hold his own weight for pretty good periods of time and will stand on his own as long as he is clinging to someone’s hands or the sides of his playpen.  He pretends to walk, too.  He puts one foot in front of the other while I hold his hands.  He’s just growing up too fast.

Oh, uh, want to see what I’ve been doing every morning, lately?

Combing out some of these!


Ever since the 29th of October, I have decided to do away with shampoo in the shower.  I still have half a bottle of conditioner, so that will take a little more time, but for the time being, I’m doing the no-shampoo thing (some call it no-poo, but I think that sounds gross) and just washing with baking soda and water.

My reasons for doing this are varied:  1) I don’t like spending so much money on “less-chemically” shampoos.  Even the so-called natural shampoos have a lot of strange ingredients in them.  2) To have a healthier scalp.  It seems that those who shampoo less have prettier hair and healthier scalps.  3) I am not fond of the idea of putting so many chemicals into our water.  There are already many things that our water treatment plants can’t remove from our water (mostly all the drugs people take in our counties, even prescription drugs) and I just don’t want to add to that pollution.  4) to “shampoo” less.  I want to be able to go longer without having to wash my hair.  Back in the day people would go a month or so without washing, right?  So why shouldn’t we?  I waste so much water just getting my hair wet in the shower because it’s so thick.  Rinsing off is another 50 tons of water.  If I can reduce that to just a few times a month instead of a couple-three times a week, I think that’s a noble goal.  My hair would have to still look decent, of course.

So far, it’s not pretty.  Right now my hair is not only oily, but feels too heavy, chunky and probably doesn’t smell very good.  My guess is that the baking soda is not washing off in the water.   It didn’t start off too bad, but since I only wash my hair two or three times a week, I couldn’t see the accumulation of it until this past washing.  I think my problem is hard water, as I have noticed some of my “symptoms” are similar to other’s with hard-water problems.

So far, my method has been to fill the shampoo bottle with water and add a few tablespoons of baking soda, mixing it up and applying it to my wet scalp, working it in and rinsing off.  Since that’s obviously not working, I’m going for Kim’s approach from Life In a Shoe and I’m going to boil my water first so the baking soda will mix properly in it.  I’ve now boiled four cups of water and have mixed approximately 1/4 cup of baking soda in it.  I’ll let it cool before pouring it into my shampoo bottle again and washing anew.  Hopefully this time the ick will come out of my hair and I’ll be back to report something more positive.

I love my hair. I really do. It’s dark, shiny, abundant, grows quickly and I can do just about anything with it.

I like it so much that it feeds my pride sometimes. And that’s not a good thing. Recently, as in the last few years, the L-rd has put something in my heart that I just cannot shrug off. It’s Locks of Love, an organization that accepts hair donations to make wigs for cancer patients, usually little kids. So how could I possibly refuse? If I have been blessed with abundant, fast-growing hair why should I refuse to share what I have been blessed with?

So in June 2007 I donated ten inches of hair. This was my first time donating:
Before, After.

I felt good about it, and since I love having long hair, I still felt I had some length there. It was a good change for me, plus it was right before the real heat of the Oregon summer, so I knew it was a good move.

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Warning: This is a hair post. All about hair. Yes, mine.

I have a strange fascination watching my hair grow – or perhaps it’s wonder – and as a result I end up taking lots of pictures. However, in the interest of keeping this journal readable, I will keep the number of pictures to just a few.

June 2, 2007

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Remember this picture from last year?
hair 1

Well, my hair has grown a bit since then. I thought it would be interesting to see the growth of my hair over a year’s period. Note, this does include a few trims. :)

Hair length this year:
hair 2 hair 3

Notice a difference? :P

For more views you can check out my flickr album.

I wonder what I’ll look like next year this time. :P

For those who are/were curious here is a comparison post. Below are pictures of my hair pre- and post- scary haircut lady. :)

Pictures here!

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I got my hair cut today. On a whim. I just happened to think how long my hair was, and how it wasn’t really clean and how I should really get my hair cut and washed. So I did. I made an appointment next door (from work) and I got my hair cut during my lunch hour.

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Whoever said they had wild hair:

Meet mine.


Do you need more proof?

Minutia of My Life

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