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I love pink trees in April.

Remember how I enjoy walking underneath the pink trees on my way to work?  Here they are:

Pink Trees

Pink Trees

White Tree

White Tree

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We’re re-doing our living room and hallway with laminate hardwood floors? 

We’re only half-done, but I can’t wait until everything is finished.  It’s going to look really good!  :)


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I thought I’d share with you what my house looks like now that it’s almost as clean as it’s going to be for (at least) nine days in a row.

Here are some pictures of my progress, so beware this is a picture-heavy post!

Today I organized bedroom, cleaned bathroom, cleaned floors, vaccumed:

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Yesterday, my husband had a meeting with his boss about the status of his position. As some of you know, the station where my husband works will be closing down within the year. This had us worried about what we will do monetarily since we have a brand new mortgage. We didn’t want to have to move out of the city or state (the only option if he were to transfer to another station). This had my husband working odd jobs for additional income to stash away in our savings to better prepare us for what is to come, as well as some cutting back in our spending. We are now allocating a lot of money into our savings and trying hard to find other ways to supplement our income. We were mentally prepared to do whatever it takes to stay in our city and in our house.

I have full confidence in my husband’s ability to provide for us, regardless of what the situation, and I have even more confidence in the Lord’s ability to provide for my husband the work needed, and I tell him as much. I believe it is my confidence in the Lord which keeps my husband from worrying too much about the situation. There is a calm about it all now, even though we are still on uncertain ground.

The thing is, I know I have a shepherd who will not lead us into danger, but pull us through those valleys of darkness into lush pastures. He works all things for good, and I know we will be better for it. Just as I was writing these words a song came on, and it speaks of waiting on the Lord.

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord. We will wait upon the Lord. Our God, you reign forever. Our Lord, our strong deliverer. You are the Everlasting God. You do not faint. You don’t grow weary. You comfort those in need. You lift us up on wings like eagles.

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From a tiny little seed, these pea plants will grow many times their size to go on and produce multiple peas. I will plant this directly into the ground, pot and all (which is why it’s made of newspaper) and watch it grow and climb and become fruitful.

It’s so hard to believe that it’s already May. Where has the first half of the year gone? I suppose we’re not really half-way through the year yet, but it seems like it, almost. This year the winter has been so long that I’ve not had the chance to really get accustomed to spring. Soon the summer will be here and warm, even scorching days are ahead of us. It will be the time to look towards winter and plan ahead.

My husband has been dutifully storing and drying out wood for us, for the winter. Since we moved into our house in October, we hadn’t really stored any wood so when winter came around we had to turn on the heater quite often. Many months we had no wood at all to burn. This year it will be different. We have begun to store it and will keep our eyes open for more that we can have on hand so that we will not be inclined to use our heater whenever possible.

To better insulate the house, we have a replacement of windows and doors planned. They will be a lot easier to open also, which will facilitate airing out the house in the summer. How I look forward to that! I hope to also be able to change the sliding glass door in the dining room to a french door so I can put up some nice curtains there to help insulate the room, without the curtains looking odd.

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Only four more days to go before our housewarming party. I’m pretty sure we’ve invited everyone we know. Thankfully, not everyone will come. We only have around 40 who will come, around 15-20 undecided and around 32 invites still unanswered. There were a few who told us definitely they could not make it, which is really nice when planning out a meal. There are only a few then who are rude and did not r.s.v.p. and so I must plan that they will indeed show up just so there is enough food in case they do. (Did that make any sense? Sounded like a tongue-twister to me.) So, there is much to be done. Tonight I shall go shopping for part of the menu (dry items) and do much organizing.

In fact, in the spirit of organizing I have taken some great organizing tips and employed them to fit my own life. What a great idea! I now have a recipe binder, a household management binder and a sewing binder. Now when I need to add a recipe I just print it, stick it in a protector sheet, find a category in my binder and presto! When I need to use it all I have to do is pull it out and not have to bother with the whole binder being in my way in the kitchen. Plus, since it’s protected, a few spills won’t be a big deal; they just wipe right off! Anyway, I’m still putting them together, but they’re almost done.

Last night my wonderful husband and I cleaned our carpet (he did most of the work) so that it’s presentable for Saturday. That was one of the biggest items on our to do list so it was a huge relief to get that done. As of today, or to-do list is as follows:

Check out the pictures I took of our recent snow days. I made a very cool snowman, too!

  Snow Days Jan 24-25, 2008

It snowed again today but it warmed up too much and it’s mostly melted by now. Bummer. I really like it when it snows here (hardly ever).

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Here are some pictures of Eva and I painting my kitchen and dining room.


I’ve been feeling spacey lately. Like for instance, I start doing something at work and then I pick up something else, without finishing my first item. Ok, so I do this all the time, but it really seems like I’ve been doing it more lately. I wonder if it’s because one of my co-workers is leaving and there’s so many new items to do, or just because it’s a busier time of year overall. It’s just really annoying when I look around my desk and notice several half-done items, and then when I eye my to-do list I notice I haven’t finished a whole lot of tasks in one day because they’re all half-done!

This is spilling over to my housework. I still haven’t finished painting my cabinet doors. I have finished drawers waiting to be put in, but since I haven’t finished painting the lower cabinets I can’t put the drawers in! I painted the top cabinets, but I haven’t finished painting the cabinet doors, so I can’t put those in either! I really just haven’t planned this well. Also, when I came in to this project, I thought I could finish it in one weekend – ha!

Not being a good planner is usually my problem, though. As a woman I’m expected to be a good planner and to think ahead, but it just isn’t my nature. I’m not trying to make excuses for myself though. I know it’s something I need to work on.

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