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I just love funny websites. 

What is better than to laugh out loud in your cube during work hours, making yourself the target of co-workers’ what’s-wrong-with-her looks?  Of course, you’re free to browse through the following websites during your spare time, too, but that’s a little too sensible for me. 

Or should I say, “sensible” for “me”?

If, like me, you’re greatly disturbed by the common missuse of quotation marks, please browse through The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks.  You will be thoroughly amused, I promise.

Here’s a little preview:

If you insist on being called a parent.

If you insist on being called a "parent".

Or, if you prefer looking at something sweeter,  how about cakes-gone-bad?  Take a peek at Cake Wrecks for some really bad/gross/sad-looking/misspelled cakes.  You’ll love it.

I really do have more to say than just “check out this website” but I’m a little obsessed right now, that’s all. 

Be back to “real” “life” in a “few” “days”. 





Do you want to read what I read? Then follow me, cuz this is going to be a journey in blogosphere!

First of all, take a look at the blogs on my side bar. They’re funny and informational, and updated frequently (well, most anyway). After you’ve browsed those, come take a look at these:

First on the list, A Baker’s Dozen, is a funny blog about a wonder-mom who homeschools her thirteen kids (five are adopted), takes really great pictures, and I’m continually amazed at how great her kids seem to be. She certainly does a lot to make it a fun place. If you visit her today, make sure to nominate her for Extreme Makover Home Edition. They totally need more space. :)

Next, there’s Life In A Shoe, about a family of 10? 11? They just had a new baby and the pictures are adorable. :) She also homeschools and her love for the Lord is apparent throughout her posts. Plus, she has eight girls! You know that’s gotta be a fun house.

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Here’s a beautiful article on marriage that I found through a website on femininity: Marriage As Blessing or Bondage? <– it’s great. Well, her whole website is great.

So, this weekend went well. We did not celebrate shabbat this weekend as I was still trying to get the house clean for pesach. That brought up a question for me. If pesach is on a Sunday, is it still keeping shabbat if you cook on saturday? I wonder if women who celebrate pesach cook on Friday for shabbat and for pesach. It would seem like a whole lot of cooking! I didn’t, anyway. I cleaned well into Friday night and then we went shopping for the week’s meals. On Saturday I took Tippy to the vet, took a stroll through the farmer’s market a little and later did some more cooking for that evening’s pesach meal. I didn’t do the seder this time because I had Dan with me that evening and out of consideration for him I didn’t do it. He wouldn’t have wanted to wait that long before eating. It would have been torture, not to mention the tantalizing smells that were coming out of the kitchen were teasing him nonstop. He could hardly contain himself to wait until I, too, was seated, but then again, it was around 8pm when I finally finished cooking our meal. He was quite hungry.

We had matzo ball soup (courtesy of Read the rest of this entry »

I love this quote from Small Life on the “kitchen perfume” that comes from baking:

Most passersby are moving quickly to keep warm, their attention on slippery sidewalks… not on the lingering fumes of chocolate shaking hands with flour, greeting the eggs, and kissing sugar on both cheeks.

Makes a girl want to bake something just for the imagery!

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