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In getting ready for pregnancy, I’ve decided to rid myself of a few things:

  1. caffeine
  2. alcohol
  3. junk food
  4. t.v.
  5. a sedentary lifestyle
  6. needless spending
  7. laziness
  8. busyness (seems contradictory, but it isn’t)
  9. needless comparing
  10. negligence

Seems a lot to accomplish, no?  But I think it’s good to write down your goals and to get an idea of how you wish to change your habits.  In this case, it’s getting rid of habits, but you get the idea. 

Here’s how I hope to accomplish each:

This one’s an easy one. I know some caffeine is acceptable, but getting rid of coffee altogether seems like a good idea to me. Upon arrival at work one of the first things I used to do was get some coffee from the machines. It wasn’t great coffee, but it was warm and soothing going down. Now what I plan to do is just drink tea, which isn’t the same, but it’ll do. Besides, I love tea. It just isn’t coffee. I do have a confession though. I don’t think I can do without dark chocolate. Read the rest of this entry »


Dh and I are trying to have a baby.  :D

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I’m alright. I didn’t get laid off, but 40+ other people did. I’m still wondering why I didn’t get let go when others (from janitors to managers) did. How did I manage to make the cut when people with important jobs got let go?

Who knows. I’m just thankful.

But I know it’s coming. Sooner or later I’ll get let go, too. I know I’m over-paid for what I do, and it’s just a matter of time before I’m cut loose as well.

And I’m okay with that.

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I just came across a very interesting post about the care and keep of husbands, found in an old cookbook! Isn’t that funny? Anyway, it’s from the early 1900s and it’s written in such a way that I just absolutely love it. You can find it here.

Here’s an excerpt:
“Make a clear, steady fire of love, neatness and cheerfulness. Set him near this, as it seems to agree with him. If he sputters and fizzles, do not be anxious, some husbands do this until they are quite done. Add a little sugar in the form of what confections call kisses, but no vinegar or pepper on any account. A little spice improves them, but it must be used in judgment.”

My wonderful hubby brought me home a bouquet of flowers today, for no apparent reason. He was working at a friend’s house, helping him with his garden and he must have picked them there and brought them to me (along with some food!).

Oh, how I love the simple pleasures of being a wife!

(please ignore the Silk soymilk box) :)

It seems so strange getting up early and going to work again after the long weekend.

Sometimes I get mad about having to work full-time because I see it as a huge waste of time (aside from the money). I mean, there are so many fulfilling things to do at home, so much I could be doing in the garden, with the pets, etc, that spending 9+ hours away from home each day seems like a waste of time. It’s not the life I want to live. I’m such a homebody though; I could spend days at home and not get cabin fever (how could I with so much to do?!).

My place is in the home, making it a haven for my family and inviting to others. That is what I enjoy doing, even when I’ve been on my feet all day cooking and cleaning. It’s what brings me satisfaction. I long for the days when I will have little ones underfoot, teaching them to be godly and training them on being upstanding citizens of this world.

But it’s so easy to get caught up in daydreams, isn’t it? Now that’s a waste of time! What I really should be doing is living what I’ve been given today and enjoying it as part of the life that the Lord is pleased to have me lead in this stage in my life. I should look forward to the time when I’m at home, but not ignore the time I have now. I’m here for a reason and I should try to learn the lessons that this lifestyle brings. Afterall, not enjoying the present is a hard habit to break and one I don’t want to take part in.

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Here’s an excellent post on the importance of being modest when appropriate, and of being immodest, too.

After reading this I did some soul searching to find out if I had been too much of a stone mason or too good at beautifying my garden. I’m convinced I can do better in both, but now I more fully understand the value of actually being both.

It isn’t a contradiction, it’s a matter of where it takes place. We can still be sexy if we are sexy to and for the right person, while to everyone else making sure that we remain “a garden enclosed”.

An excellent understanding of a Biblical marriage, what marriage OUGHT to be:

“…I chose to use the practical example of a husband’s financial provision freeing his wife to take on the management of the home without distraction and his wife’s home management giving him a sense of security and freedom to provide without worrying about the care of his home and family… We have reduced the concept of a happy marriage to the definition of a soul mate that is no deeper than what you would find in the average Hollywood movie. We forsake all wisdom, parental guidance, and advice, and marry because we are “in love” and then are shocked when the marriage isn’t all we thought it would be…”

Soul Mates and “Bad Marriages”

Here’s a beautiful article on marriage that I found through a website on femininity: Marriage As Blessing or Bondage? <– it’s great. Well, her whole website is great.

So, this weekend went well. We did not celebrate shabbat this weekend as I was still trying to get the house clean for pesach. That brought up a question for me. If pesach is on a Sunday, is it still keeping shabbat if you cook on saturday? I wonder if women who celebrate pesach cook on Friday for shabbat and for pesach. It would seem like a whole lot of cooking! I didn’t, anyway. I cleaned well into Friday night and then we went shopping for the week’s meals. On Saturday I took Tippy to the vet, took a stroll through the farmer’s market a little and later did some more cooking for that evening’s pesach meal. I didn’t do the seder this time because I had Dan with me that evening and out of consideration for him I didn’t do it. He wouldn’t have wanted to wait that long before eating. It would have been torture, not to mention the tantalizing smells that were coming out of the kitchen were teasing him nonstop. He could hardly contain himself to wait until I, too, was seated, but then again, it was around 8pm when I finally finished cooking our meal. He was quite hungry.

We had matzo ball soup (courtesy of Read the rest of this entry »

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