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Hezzy, 5 days old

DISCLAIMER: These are the events as I remember them, which may or may not be the way things actually went.  I have a terrible memory, you see, and it’s been nearly 5 months since this happened.  Oh also, I was drugged up most of the time. That said, I’m sure this is pretty close to the actual events.  Ok.

To be able to accurately tell the story of Hezzy’s birthday, one must start way before the day he was born.  We must go back to when I was 19 weeks pregnant.  After my check-up with the midwife I knew that I had gestational diabetes.  I put a plan in place to eat right (including my Reliv shakes) which worked well in controlling the disease until the latter part of my pregnancy.

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John Hezekiah Crall was born January 7th at 6:41 pm via c-section.  He weighed 11 lbs and measured 22″ long.

We finally came home from the hospital the evening of the 10th (Sunday) and I have been slowly recovering from the surgery.  John has been a champion eater and sleeper, giving us a few 4 and 5-hour stretches of sleep at a time already.  He has excellent neck muscles and has been holding his head and upper body up for short periods of time since he was three days old.

I expect to be fully recovered in a few weeks, but for now I spend most of my time sitting in bed nursing our  sweet boy and not doing much of anything else until my incision heals.

Many of our friends have been kind enough to bring meals over to us, and I’ve got to say I’ve never eaten better in my life with such little effort on my part!  It’s something I could get used to, if it weren’t for the fact that I would miss cooking very much.

He is very much admired by his grandmas and will be missed greatly.  My own mother has been calling almost every night since she left.  She calls him her “piojito” and was of great help to me while I was in the hospital.  She held him and rocked him and sang to him while waiting on me hand and foot and helping me get around.  Poor woman didn’t get much sleep, although I tried to let her have as much as she could get.  She’s an amazing mother and I know she will be a wonderful grandma.  My husband’s mother was also here helping out in my house while I was in the hospital.  She cleaned our house to perfection and cooked a couple meals for us to have on hand in case we needed something in a hurry.  What would we do without the grandmothers?!

Though the birth did not go as we had planned, and in fact was quite the opposite of what we wanted in almost every aspect, I saw HaShem’s hand in it all and His plan is always better than our own.  Had we not had the c-section, I’m sure both his life and my own would have been in jeopardy.

All in all, we are very blessed.

I’m almost 40 weeks pregnant and I can hardly believe I’m still pregnant.  I never thought I would carry the baby this long by how big it got and how quickly.  Looks like it’s very comfortable where it is, and it might need a little more time to “brown” in the “oven.”  That’s perfectly fine with me.

Things are getting a little harder now, like I can’t really be on my feet for very long at all anymore, and turning over in bed is getting more difficult and almost even a little painful with such a large belly to flip over.  I’m so glad my mom is here to help me clean and cook, and she’s very good company to keep.  We’ve been staying up a little too late watching movies on Netflix at night, but we’re really going to try to get to bed earlier tonight.

My poor mom is freezing most of the time here.  We keep our house fairly cool at 62-64 degrees and with a few sweaters on she does all right here, but once we have to go outside she gets really cold.  She wraps up thicker from head to toe and yet she cannot get warm at times.  Thankfully we have lots of tea on hand and that seems to help.  I think she’s starting to get used to it though.  We lent her our space heater for her room so she can warm it up to 72 at night in there.  Poor southern californian mama.

On the 25th, we went out to Mary’s Peak and took a few pictures.  The weather wasn’t as cold as we expected, though we did a little bit of snow on the ground.  My husband even took off his shirt to get a little sun exposure.  He likes to make vitamin D that way.  :)

Afterwards, we went out to eat at a Thai food place, which was awesome and we had tons of leftovers.  In order to work out our food and digestion, we took a little walk and went downtown to the courthouse where my mom wanted to get pictures by the tree and lit courthouse.

Some of the pictures came out a little dark, but otherwise I think they came out well.

If we take any other pictures while I’m still pregnant it’ll be nice to look back on that later and wonder about how close (or far) I was from giving birth in the picture.

Think it’ll be much longer?

Part of my fun to-do list was to make myself a few of the carriers I’ve so often made for other friends who were having babies.  Now, after all this time, it’s finally my turn.  

So I’ve made two so far.  The first one looks similar to this one above, which my kitty is so kindly modeling for me, only it has a fitted pouch and white rings.  The one above hasn’t a fitted pouch and obviously it has burgundy rings instead.  I’m not sure which one I want to keep for myself just yet.  I made the first one with my old measurements, a size medium, but when I put it on it looks like the pouch is out of place.  Of course, I have a big belly in the way which could make a difference in the way the sling hangs, but since I’m not sure, I went ahead and made a second one without the pouch with the same fabric.

Once the baby comes I’ll sell one of the slings.  I don’t need two similar ring slings, that’s for sure.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see if the first one fits the baby and me well, otherwise, I’ll keep the second one and I might put in a fitted pouch once I lose the belly and can get better measurements.

And now, I’m going to work on a mei tai, which I’ve never done before.  It’ll be an olive green color with some really pretty asian-inspired print.  Let’s hope it comes out right!

Kitty will model it for me if it does… :)

Top left: 31 wks, bottom left: 33 wks, top right: 35 wks, bottom right: 36 wks

It’s 6:15 in the a.m. and I’ve been up since 4:30, after only 3 hrs sleep.  This sleep deprivation thing must be nature’s way to prepare you for after the birth.  On the upside, this lack of sleep comes from heartburn, which may mean that my baby’s finally growing hair.  Or so they say.  Since I haven’t had much heartburn throughout my pregnancy, I welcome this (sort-of).  I always thought my baby would be born with a headful of hair, so I was a little surprised when I didn’t complain of heartburn throughout my previous months of pregnancy.  I don’t usually believe in old-wives’ tales but this one is one that has stuck with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against having a bald baby, I just never really thought I, miss hairy peruvian girl, would have anything but a monkey-hairy baby.  And I’m totally fine with that. Now that the heartburn is here, I feel like I was probably right and there’s a certain comfort to it.

UPDATE: I tried once again to fall asleep around 7 a.m. and it finally worked, even though light was beginning to appear outside.  I got another three-hour stretch of sleep and I’m feeling pretty good right now.

The midwives made a house call on Monday, which is good since it’s nice to know where your client lives before they go into labor.  We talked about many things, one of which was my belly.  I have not grown much since last week (which is a relief to the midwives who would have ordered an ultrasound otherwise) and there is less fluid in there now, which makes the baby easier to feel.  This time they could clearly feel limbs and butt and back and head.  The baby is still in the pelvis head-down but it isn’t too far down, it seems.  I may yet have a couple of weeks!

I know I keep saying I don’t think the baby will last long in its watery world, but I’m still really hoping it will hold out until January 1st.  I really think that would be the coolest birthday ever and don’t mind one bit if I don’t get the tax write-off everyone is so excited for us to get this year.  I can totally wait another year if it means my baby will be a 01-01-10 baby.  No one would ever forget that birthday!

There isn’t much left for us to do before the baby comes.  At least, nothing of super importance.  The birth equipment is prepared, we know our birth space (or where we would like it to be), all our diapers and clothes are washed and ready, and recently received our car seat, strollers and cradle.  The cradle is super sweet and sitting next to our window in our bedroom for now, until we decide we need it.  I had to leave the swinging mechanism activated instead of holding the cradle in place because the I knew the cat was secretly hoping to make it her new sleeping quarters.  She got in once and it swung her about and she rushed right out of there, hopefully never to jump in again.

I have a third baby shower this month on the 13th thanks to my Soroptimist club.  I feel very blessed to have so many people in my life who wish to celebrate my baby with me.  There isn’t much left I need for the baby at this point, but I went ahead and updated my registries at and  The little things I can think of that I could use still are a bathtub, nail clippers, bulb suctioner thingy, and a changing pad for the dresser.  There are a few other little things, but they aren’t all that super necessary.  Oh, and baby socks.  I need baby socks.  My baby will be born during the coldest months of the year and I have only a couple pairs.  Poor baby.

Some of the things I’m still working on are a baby afghan I’m crocheting (as if I really needed another!), a few baby carriers such as a pouch sling, a ring sling, a moby or a mei tai, some nursing covers and I’m sure I had something else I wanted to do but it’s not coming to mind.  Pregnancy brain, I’m told.

If there are any men reading this, you’ll just want to skip this paragraph.  Seriously.  Are you gone?  Ok.  I’m pretty sure I’ve started leaking colostrum.  Last night I thought I had spilled water on my shirt when I got up in the middle of the night, but it was suspiciously in a very specific area.  It eventually dried and then a few minutes later I felt moisture again.  This morning there is proof on my shirt.  Is that even possible?  Doesn’t it seem too early to be leaking?  I hear that’s pretty important stuff so I hope not to lose any more until the baby comes.  :/

The baby is active as ever and my belly is getting more and more sensitive to its movements.  It’s a strong baby for sure.  Since it’s so active right now and since it will eventually become more space restricted as time goes by, I’ll try to put up a video of its movements while they are still big and dramatic.  Hopefully in the days to come.

Now is the time I want to prepare for the birth by making meals ahead of time and doing anything else that would make a baby’s entrance smoother for our family.  There is a post by Tammy from that shares what she did to prepare for her second baby.  It has a lot of good information on it so I will be doing some of that in the weeks to come.  Cooking is getting harder, but I suppose it will be a lot harder with a new baby if I don’t get things rolling now.  :)

I’m so excited.

I woke up absolutely famished this morning at 6:30 a.m. despite my late night run for chicken nuggets last night with the hubby.  Yes, I know that isn’t the best of foods to be eating during pregnancy but every once in a while it’s good for the wifey to participate in naughty food runs with the hubby.  It encourages affection.

This waking up famished has been happening a lot recently, although usually it’s at a more reasonable hour, say 8 a.m. or so.  It’s such a strange feeling, knowing that you’re soooo sleepy, but you’re also soooo hungry that it’s keeping you awake.  Not to mention the kickboxing going on in your belly.  So  you’re almost hoping the baby will be content with whatever nutrition it can sap from your body for the next hour or so until you feel like getting up and making a good breakfast.  No such luck.  Your mind joins forces with your stomach, making you feel guilty for making your baby starve.  You’re half-dreaming of scrambled eggs and toast, both sleep and hunger fighting for your attention. Your time limit has run out.  It’s now 7 a.m. and you’re still not asleep, so finally you pull yourself up out of bed (getting out of bed normally is no longer an option) by holding on to the headboard as you hoist your upper body up in a slanted position, a new skill mastered in the third trimester, and you sit and wait at the edge of your bed for a few seconds while the blood catches up to the rest of your upper body before standing up.  Getting up is a such a production now.

I was hoping this getting up too early thing wouldn’t start for a few more months, but it seems that  getting adequate sleep in the third trimester is a rare thing, too.  Mostly because the belly makes it hard to find a comfortable sleeping position, but I would also add the stuffy/runny nose thing makes it difficult to breathe, which makes it difficult to sleep.  And then, if you get a bloody nose, that keeps you awake as well.  Which I do get.  Fairly often.  At least once daily.  I didn’t used to think it was a big deal but it’s getting really old now and I think I might follow hubby’s advice and get my nose cauterized soon.

The swelling in my feet still happens, but I’m definitely blessed to be able to put my feet up whenever I want to.  My fingers are swelling, as well.  Making a fist is almost painful from the swollen tissue around my fingers.  It doesn’t look too bad and I can still close my hand, I just can’t make a tight fist.  My wedding rings haven’t fit in at least a month and a half.

I still have pains in my lower back after standing too long, but I got a prenatal massage finally, which although made me hurt a little, has kept the pain away from my back for almost three days.  That’s quite a feat.  It could also be attributed to the pain patches I wear on my low back, though.  In any case, it was fun getting a little professional attention.  I’m always so hesitant to do these things and then I’m always happy to have done them.

The baby is growing well, and at last week’s appointment the midwife said there was practically no uterine growth, so we are no longer concerned about twins or having to get an ultrasound.  You can believe my side of the family is a little bummed.  I think they really wanted the ultrasound pictures.  I feel blessed that I don’t have to worry about making that decision anymore.  So now I’m only measuring ahead by four weeks instead of five and I hope it was only due to some kind of fluid exchange or something like that.

The child is definitely an active little one, making my belly do all kinds of acrobatics during the day.  Earlier this morning (and even right now) the child was doing some kind of stretching, where it slowly but forcefully stretches out its little legs and makes my belly expand in a lopsided manner.  The shape of my belly changes constantly throughout the day.  It seems only I can tell the difference, but sometimes it’s easier to see than others.

I often ask the hubby to put his hand on the belly and speak soothing words.  When he does, the baby calms down and I think it falls asleep.  It’s cute to think the baby’s already reacting to it’s daddy’s voice.  I can’t wait to see how that works out once the baby is here in our arms.  We are both very excited to meet this little one already.  It seems it will have lots of personality.

Only about six weeks left to go!

The last two times I was at the midwife’s for a prenatal I’ve measured over my expected measurement.  Usually, your uterus measures the same number of centimeters as the number of weeks of the pregnancy.  Three weeks ago was the first time I measured over my expected measurement.  Up until then I was measuring exactly where I should.  So, at 29 weeks I measured 31 cm.  No biggie.  Just a little growth like that is totally normal.

At 31 weeks, my next prenatal, I measured 33 cm.  Seems just fine.  They felt for the position of the baby and could only really find what seems like one healthy baby.  Each midwife felt the belly and was confident enough to say it wasn’t likely to be twins and my growth was fine.

Then today I went back in because they wanted to take a look at my diet again since my blood sugar was so high last time.  They said I looked great and I told them I felt fine.  They measured my baby belly and exchanged some glances.  You know something’s up when midwives exchange glances.  Lisa asked Rachel, “what did she measure last week?”  “Thirty-three.”  “Huh.  I think I’m getting 37.”  She felt my uterus again, feeling for the fundus and stretching her tape measure over it.  A time or two she got 36, but in the end they decided it was definitely 37 cm.  I jumped 4 cm in a week.  That’s the kind of growth that makes one question whether or not there are two babies growing in there.

We talked about the possibility of it being twins or if it’s just a lot of water, a fluid exchange or a large baby.  Lisa suggested getting an ultrasound so that we’d know for sure whether or not there are two babies in there, but I just really don’t want to get any ultrasounds.  Thankfully, I don’t have to do anything about it now, but I need to be thinking about that as a possibility.

If there’s two, I’m fine with that and that’s not at all what’s stressing me out.  The thought of having to get an ultrasound to know for sure is what I don’t like to think about.  I mean, really, what’s that going to do?  There’ll still be two babies in there whether I have one or not, and truly the babies can change positions at any time between now and when they’re born.  If one is breech or sideways then it’ll likely have more room to move into a more favorable position for birth once the other one’s out, right?

Well, I have some time to think about things and to weigh my options before I make any decisions.  Getting two of everything won’t be a big deal, since we pretty much have a lot of people offering us stuff all the time.  We pretty much already have two car seats lined up, and if I get all the diapers I registered for at my next baby shower then we’ll be pretty set.  I mean, we’re planning to do Elimination Communication as much as possible, so hopefully we won’t be needing so many diapers anyway.  We just like to be on the safe side.  I have a few dozens already.  What else?  An extra bassinet?  Should be easy to get.  Clothes?  Everyone has baby clothes they want to get rid of.  I know two will be a lot more work than what I think, but I just don’t think it’ll be the end of the world or that I’m ill-prepared for the task.

Again, what I really don’t want is to have to go the “medical” route and get a stinkin’ ultrasound.  Not for my baby(ies)!  It just doesn’t seem natural.  And that’s not the start I want to give them in life.  Besides, there are questions that have been raised in my mind about their safety.  I know the medical community sees them as routine, but I’m just not convinced that they KNOW that for a fact just yet.  It’s often the case where practices are adopted as routine for years before we know their harmful effects.

And I just really. don’t. want. an. ultrasound.

Settling into a routine while being home hasn’t been easy.  My plan was to get up early, do the chores then have time in the afternoon for whatever I please, say crafting, sewing, or going out.  So far, the plan hasn’t happened.

I’m procrastinating my chores too much and when I do get on them, my back demands breaks throughout the day.  It seems I don’t really accomplish as much as I thought I would, but then, being pregnant hasn’t really been exactly what I thought it would be.  I have limitations!  Who knew?  I thought I’d be doing everything with the same stamina as a non-preggo me would.  I’m glad I can take breaks throughout my day, but now I’m worried that they might be what keeps me from being productive here at home.

Aside from that, though, I’m trying to establish some good patterns.  I’ve got a list of weekly chores (which I compiled a long time ago) that I’m trying to follow, even if poorly.  Grocery shopping seems to have taken a backseat in importance now that I’m home.  It’s like, since I barely drive the car now, I have no reason to “go grocery shopping on my way home” like I used to.  I also lack the motivation to take it out of the driveway when I’m perfectly happy doing my thing at home.  Ya know?  But, today is different.

Today I have made my list of things I need from the grocery store that cannot be ignored.  I need food!  Chicken!  Onions!  Butter!!   And laundry.  Laundry must be finished today, since I started it yesterday and now I”m sure there’s a load sitting in the washer, forgotten after yesterday’s “back break” somewhere in the middle of the day.  It’s embarrassing, truly.  But today is a new day and I’ll make up for it.

I guess I better stop procrastinating and get to it, huh?

Happy Tuesday!

Not related, but something pretty to look at.

Unrelated, here are some pretty flowers I received a few weeks ago.

I knew that I was coming down with a cold on Monday.  I had that familiar tickle in my throat and my strength ran out pretty quickly that day.  Tuesday I woke up sick indeed and although I attempted to take good care of myself and rest in bed, I wasn’t able to sleep until 4:45 a.m. Wednesday morning and only until 9:30 a.m.  I really hate trying to fall asleep with a stuffy nose, but it seems to be so much worse when you can’t get comfortable in bed with the big preggo belly.  Thankfully the hubby was awake with me from about 11:30 p.m. until I fell asleep.  We stayed up watching episodes of The Office online and we cooked up some chicken legs to eat around 2 a.m.

Though I’m incredibly tired and cranky, I’m still very thankful that I don’t have to worry about calling in sick every morning I don’t feel well, trying to convince some superior that I really am sick and worrying about calling in time to find a replacement.  Worse is when you worry whether or not you have enough sick pay left!  If I’d had to wake up at 7 a.m. to call a supervisor to call in sick, I would not have gotten the additional two hours of sleep this morning and I would be worse off right now.

Last night with the hubby, we were both so thankful that we could stay up without worry of what obligations we had in the morning, because we had none!  That really is a relief after so many years of having to get up to go to work.

What a blessing, despite being sick!

Though I’m thankful in my own way, I still think being sick while pregnant stinks and I hope to get better quickly.  I hate not being able to sleep, tired though I am.

I wonder how long it will take to get better this time.

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