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It’s 6:15 in the a.m. and I’ve been up since 4:30, after only 3 hrs sleep.  This sleep deprivation thing must be nature’s way to prepare you for after the birth.  On the upside, this lack of sleep comes from heartburn, which may mean that my baby’s finally growing hair.  Or so they say.  Since I haven’t had much heartburn throughout my pregnancy, I welcome this (sort-of).  I always thought my baby would be born with a headful of hair, so I was a little surprised when I didn’t complain of heartburn throughout my previous months of pregnancy.  I don’t usually believe in old-wives’ tales but this one is one that has stuck with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against having a bald baby, I just never really thought I, miss hairy peruvian girl, would have anything but a monkey-hairy baby.  And I’m totally fine with that. Now that the heartburn is here, I feel like I was probably right and there’s a certain comfort to it.

UPDATE: I tried once again to fall asleep around 7 a.m. and it finally worked, even though light was beginning to appear outside.  I got another three-hour stretch of sleep and I’m feeling pretty good right now.

The midwives made a house call on Monday, which is good since it’s nice to know where your client lives before they go into labor.  We talked about many things, one of which was my belly.  I have not grown much since last week (which is a relief to the midwives who would have ordered an ultrasound otherwise) and there is less fluid in there now, which makes the baby easier to feel.  This time they could clearly feel limbs and butt and back and head.  The baby is still in the pelvis head-down but it isn’t too far down, it seems.  I may yet have a couple of weeks!

I know I keep saying I don’t think the baby will last long in its watery world, but I’m still really hoping it will hold out until January 1st.  I really think that would be the coolest birthday ever and don’t mind one bit if I don’t get the tax write-off everyone is so excited for us to get this year.  I can totally wait another year if it means my baby will be a 01-01-10 baby.  No one would ever forget that birthday!

There isn’t much left for us to do before the baby comes.  At least, nothing of super importance.  The birth equipment is prepared, we know our birth space (or where we would like it to be), all our diapers and clothes are washed and ready, and recently received our car seat, strollers and cradle.  The cradle is super sweet and sitting next to our window in our bedroom for now, until we decide we need it.  I had to leave the swinging mechanism activated instead of holding the cradle in place because the I knew the cat was secretly hoping to make it her new sleeping quarters.  She got in once and it swung her about and she rushed right out of there, hopefully never to jump in again.

I have a third baby shower this month on the 13th thanks to my Soroptimist club.  I feel very blessed to have so many people in my life who wish to celebrate my baby with me.  There isn’t much left I need for the baby at this point, but I went ahead and updated my registries at and  The little things I can think of that I could use still are a bathtub, nail clippers, bulb suctioner thingy, and a changing pad for the dresser.  There are a few other little things, but they aren’t all that super necessary.  Oh, and baby socks.  I need baby socks.  My baby will be born during the coldest months of the year and I have only a couple pairs.  Poor baby.

Some of the things I’m still working on are a baby afghan I’m crocheting (as if I really needed another!), a few baby carriers such as a pouch sling, a ring sling, a moby or a mei tai, some nursing covers and I’m sure I had something else I wanted to do but it’s not coming to mind.  Pregnancy brain, I’m told.

If there are any men reading this, you’ll just want to skip this paragraph.  Seriously.  Are you gone?  Ok.  I’m pretty sure I’ve started leaking colostrum.  Last night I thought I had spilled water on my shirt when I got up in the middle of the night, but it was suspiciously in a very specific area.  It eventually dried and then a few minutes later I felt moisture again.  This morning there is proof on my shirt.  Is that even possible?  Doesn’t it seem too early to be leaking?  I hear that’s pretty important stuff so I hope not to lose any more until the baby comes.  :/

The baby is active as ever and my belly is getting more and more sensitive to its movements.  It’s a strong baby for sure.  Since it’s so active right now and since it will eventually become more space restricted as time goes by, I’ll try to put up a video of its movements while they are still big and dramatic.  Hopefully in the days to come.

Now is the time I want to prepare for the birth by making meals ahead of time and doing anything else that would make a baby’s entrance smoother for our family.  There is a post by Tammy from that shares what she did to prepare for her second baby.  It has a lot of good information on it so I will be doing some of that in the weeks to come.  Cooking is getting harder, but I suppose it will be a lot harder with a new baby if I don’t get things rolling now.  :)

I’m so excited.


I spent last weekend at our Soroptimist District Meeting in Coos Bay. One of our members has family in the area and so we got to stay at their house, free of charge. Unfortunately, she got sick right before leaving so she stayed back while the rest of us got the green light to go to this house anyway. The weather was great (hardly any rain!) and I really did learn a lot. Not just about the organization and our projects, but about our own club too! I didn’t know we did so much for our community and as a part of our national programs. I also got to brainstorm a lot with the other two girls that went, and I even learned some of their life lessons, to boot! I think it was a great time of getting to know each other better and of sparking new ideas. I hope we’ll soon be able to implement those ideas into our club in order to make it a more efficient club and more noticeable to our community. How great it would be to make an even bigger difference!

Here are some pictures from that weekend: Read the rest of this entry »

I have been busy lately attempting to pull together the August edition of my Soroptimist club’s newsletter. That is why I have not had the time to write lately, although I’m not sure there is much to tell.

Last Saturday, some guys from my “tribe” at Dox came over and helped us um, “refurbish” our chicken coop and build a run. It is not yet finished, but most of the work has been done. I will take a picture of it tomorrow and post it here. The coop needs little more than a little bit of cosmetic work now that the faulty wood has been replaced as well as the roof. The run needs only the chicken wire to be secured on the frame. Even the door is in place. Mark has been hard at work coming in even when we are not home to finish the job. He has been very kind to do it with little pay but a good lunch on Saturday, a half-pint of nectarine jam and a loaf of homemade bread. Thankfully he enjoyed them all quite well.

I didn’t have the time to go out with the camera while they were all hard at work (as I was too, making homemade pizza and blueberry cobbler) otherwise I would have gotten some really good pictures of the work party here. It was a good time.

I am absorbed in my latest book, A Return to Modesty by Wendy Shalit and read it every chance I get at work. Thankfully my lunch is an hour long and I can pull up two chairs in a quiet, secluded spot: one for me and one for my legs and get fairy comfortable for my reading. The area is also near windows, almost all on one side, so I get plenty of natural light most of the time.

Today it was kind of cloudy. It even rained some in the morning and on my way home. I hope it won’t rain tomorrow as well. It’s feeling more like fall lately than middle of summer. I half expect leaves to start falling soon!

The chickens are crazy as ever and are now mini chickens. They have almost all of their full grown-chicken feathers and all the personality. They seem to be quite fond of corn and grasses from the nearby field. They love the little seedy things at the top of the grass. Hubby brought home some sawdust today and put it in their little enclosure and they looked really silly rolling over it. It reminds me a lot of our cat when she gets her catnip toy. Perhaps it’s chicken-nip?

Well, this will have to do as an update for now. The hubby is reminding me of how I need to spend more time with him. Somehow I think I ought to be the one remarking such things and not he.  :) Anyway, I don’t want to keep him too long. We really don’t get that much time together considering our different work schedules.

Maybe tomorrow I will have something more enlightening to say.

Buenas noches!

What could be more feminine than pink?

For my contribution to Feminine Friday over at Kelly’s blog, The Barefoot Mama, I’ll be sharing about some of my pink items. This week I’m showing off my pink tea set, which I recently got at my Soroptimist club’s Spring Tea auction.

I like this set a lot, not just because it has pink little roses on it, but I think the set itself is very feminine even in it’s shape and curves. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m sure it’ll get much more use once the weather gets a little cooler. :)

I only wish my cups came with saucers.

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Wednesday evening I attended a Soroptimist International meeting in our local country club. I had heard of them through my co-worker, who is the president of Albany’s S.I. She’s always saying good things about it, so I decided to check out the one where I live (that, and I need to be involved in an organization like this to help with my insurance job search). The name Soroptimist means “best for women” so ther purpose is to help women in the community and around the world.

I arrived close to an hour early accidentally, so I had plenty of time to talk with a few of the girls already there. I met a girl named Katie and a girl named Carrie who seem to be very involved and passionate about the club. They asked if I wanted to help them stuff some envelopes, so I did and through helping them I got to know them a little better.

Soon after more people began to arrive and I could tell that this was a diverse group. There were women of all walks of life there, and it seemed very generational. The meeting itself was informative and I got to see two women go through the joining ceremony. They each got a bar of chocolate, among other things. I’d join just for that!

Overall it sounds like something I want to do and I hope that I am able to go through the joining process quickly.

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