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Not that I get a lot of traffic here, but for all 5 of you who read my blog, there’s an offer out there for some free money for signing up with a service that is similar (but better) than paypal.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Check out Crystal’s post on this, along with comments from her viewers as to the validity of the deal.

Tammy also signed up for the service and got her $25 in her account.

I just signed up myself and look forward to getting my cash (hey, it’s free!) and spreading the word about this new service which I’ll probably use pretty often. I’ll probably still use paypal, but this one sounds great!

So you sign up, get $25, and then you can refer other people for $10 each, up to $500. Sounds like a deal, right? They save on advertising by using word-of-mouth (which is so much better, anyway) and we get paid for it.

Gotta love network marketing (by this I mean that as we network, we market the product – there’s no pyramid scheme here. Promise.)!!!


I came across this page today which talks about a Christian approach to keeping your home clean through environmentally safe methods. It’s got good ideas and reasons why not to use the chemical products instead.

Healthy Families, Healthy Environment

And just on a happy note, I would like to share this website with you all as an inspiration because you don’t typically see the Christian community taking action on environmental issues and it’s just so great to share that yes, there are some of us out there that care and see that as part of our job as Christians.

Evangelical Environmental Network

Minutia of My Life

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