I can hardly believe it’s been a year since we brought this little guy home from the hospital.  He has grown and changed so much!  He was a chubby, wobbly, helpless little hairy thing who was almost always asleep and now he’s a rambunctious little blur of a boy.  He’s officially a toddler.  Wow, I have a toddler.  It just blows my mind.  

Please give me a moment while I regain my train of thought.

We had a nice time celebrating Hezzy’s first birthday with my husband’s family.  It was snowy and fairly cold the whole time, but it was a nice change to see snow on the ground instead of just rain.  We stayed fairly busy visiting with family while Hezzy had a blast going from one end of the house to the other, enjoying the space and freedom.

He was quick to begin his mischief.  No cabinet door was safe from discovery.

On his birthday we celebrated with a family dinner and some gifts, which he ignored in favor of the (more) fun wrapping paper.

He got a lot of floor time with Grandma and anyone else who would play with him, too.

Then he got to have another birthday party with his friends.  Yes, he has friends in snowy places already.  He was the youngest by at least two years but he kept up with the “big kids” as best he could.  I think he did pretty well.

Four generations!

Hezzy’s great-grandparents were also having a nice time getting to meet and play with their first great-grandchild.  I imagine it will be more often that we’ll go visit now that they’ve met him, since once you know this kid you just can’t get enough of him!