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“Everyone keeps saying to us “It’s lucky that everything worked out,” “I’m glad nothing went wrong!” “You’re lucky it was an easy labour!” But I know that it wasn’t “LUCK”! I prepared myself very thoroughly for this birth, I got rid of most of the fear associated with birth and I studied hard to de-program myself from all of the misconceptions about birth. Birth is natural, natural doesn’t belong in an unnatural environment like a hospital. I know why my birth was so easy and why my husband was so calm and relaxed…because we had no doubt that we could do it, we had no objections to impose on nature, we let it happen and didn’t obstruct, we welcomed our child into this world freely and easily… and LUCK had nothing to do with it.”

(emphasis in italics mine)

Read the birth story here:  Gentle and Free, Na’ima’s birth story, as told by mom Victoria on BornFree!


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