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In browsing craigslist for jobs (for unemployment) I came across this ad:

Looking for the right people (2) with sales/phone/computer and people skills to provide customer service and telemarketing, accepting payments and going over billing info. Trial period of 30 days and go from there. Must be professional and cherful on the phones and in pearson. Please send resume and a short (why this might be for me). 35 hours a week and possibly going to 40 hours a week.
Thank you.

Compensation: 9.00 an hour and up D. E. O.

Wow. Right away this starts off on the wrong foot because of that terrible run-on sentence.  Then there’s the lack of proper and incorrect use of grammar throughout the ad, not to mention the misspelled words and incomplete sentences.  The ad seeks a professional person, yet this ad is anything but!

My husband suggests I should send a reply with a cover letter written in their language.  How about, “I am a cherful pearson with “lots” of expereince being “professional”.  I have experience working in (office environment) and (around customers).  Please trial me for 30 day.  You wont be sorry.”



Oh, what some females wouldn’t do for the latest winter fashions.

Even the other hens can’t believe it.

Molting.  It’s never pretty.

I love pink trees in April.

Remember how I enjoy walking underneath the pink trees on my way to work?  Here they are:

Pink Trees

Pink Trees

White Tree

White Tree

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To my sidebar?  I can’t get it to come back where it ought to be!    0_O

UPDATED:  Alas, I don’t know how to get it back.  If you haven’t found it, it’s at the very bottom of this page.   Sorry!

UPDATED AGAIN: I have finally fixed my sidebar issue!  We now go back to our regularly scheduled program.  Thanks for watching.

This is an email my uncle from Peru sent me.  It’s about the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, only newly revised.  Also, It’s in Spanish.  Try it out, maybe you’ll totally understand it, or at least get the jist.

Esta historia me la mando mi tio en Peru.  Se trata sobre la parabola de la Tortuga y la Liebre, solo que ha sido cambiada un poco.

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From an e-mail forward.  Maybe you’ve seen it.  Some material is questionable for young viewers.

  1. The roundest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.
  2. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian .
  3. She was only a whisky maker, but he loved her still.
  4. A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class because it was a weapon of math disruption.
  5. The butcher backed into the meat grinder and got a little behind in his work.
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I just love funny websites. 

What is better than to laugh out loud in your cube during work hours, making yourself the target of co-workers’ what’s-wrong-with-her looks?  Of course, you’re free to browse through the following websites during your spare time, too, but that’s a little too sensible for me. 

Or should I say, “sensible” for “me”?

If, like me, you’re greatly disturbed by the common missuse of quotation marks, please browse through The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks.  You will be thoroughly amused, I promise.

Here’s a little preview:

If you insist on being called a parent.

If you insist on being called a "parent".

Or, if you prefer looking at something sweeter,  how about cakes-gone-bad?  Take a peek at Cake Wrecks for some really bad/gross/sad-looking/misspelled cakes.  You’ll love it.

I really do have more to say than just “check out this website” but I’m a little obsessed right now, that’s all. 

Be back to “real” “life” in a “few” “days”. 




I used to live in LiveJournal, but yesterday I made the decision to finally transfer all my journal posts to my new little internet corner, here on WordPress. 

I’m still in the process of transferring and I’m learning I need to go through each seperate entry to redo tags and make sure all apostrophes look normal instead of that strange internet code that appears instead.  Have you seen it?  It looks like  this:  ' or something like that.  I’ll tell ya, that can really confuse a reader.

And then there’s the matter of the widgets.  I’m still learning what they do and what they’re for, mostly by just adding them and then editing them so I can see what they are.

Oh, and how do you add a music player to your sidebar?  Is it even possible?  But don’t worry, I would never leave the player on.  If you like it, you can press play.  If you don’t, you may continue to enjoy reading in the loveliness of silence.   There’s nothing wrong with that.

In the meantime, please don’t look too closely.

I couldn’t think of picture to go with this entry, so here’s my dog instead because what’s an entry without a picture?

Tippy Dog

You know those games where you fill in the adjectives, nouns and verbs in a story by asking someone else to plug them in for you without knowing the story? Well I just finished one from the Sunday paper’s kid section and since I have about a half-hour left on my day, I’ll share it with you. It might help pass the time.

I looked through the paper for each of these and pulled them from different articles. This is the finished product:

My family celebrates the holidays in a rather unusual way. We always decorate a BEAV with lots of ABUSE ADVOCATES. Then we go from door to door, singing songs about BAD LANDLORDS. Sometimes, the neighbors will GET TOGETHER along with us.

My mom will wrap several FAMILIES and place them under a PANTHER. My sister and I bake some tasty REMODELED TENANTS and sprinkle LOTTERIES on them.

The day ends with everyone opening their FLYING BRIDGE. Then we PARK upstairs to bed, thinking back on what a FREE day we had and looking forward to New Year’s Eve when our celebration gets really MEXICAN.


While I was visiting my family, my mom introduced me to the music of Ted Pierce, a messianic songwriter. I love this song, out of the album “Hallelu et Adonai” (Praise the Lord):

From The East
Ps 113:2

Verse One (Hebrew)
Mimizrach shemesh ad meh voh
Mimizrach shemesh ad meh voh
Mehulal shem Adonai
Mehulal shem Adonai
Mimizrach shemesh ad meh voh
Mehulal shem Adonai

Yehishem Adonai m’vorach, m’vorach
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Yehishem Adonai m’vorach, m’vorach
Blessed be the name of the Lord

From the rising of the sun
Until its going down
From the rising of the sun
Until its going down
The name of the Lord shall be praised
The name of the Lord shall be praised
From the rising of the sun
Until its going down
The name of the Lord shall be praised

©2005 City of Peace Music BMI
Integrity’s Praise! Music BMI
By M Stepakoff & T Pearce
CCLI #4635600

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